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During more than 70 years of activity, the companies of the Techint Group have evolved,

building upon the vast amount of experience gained in such areas as steelmaking;

building of complex infrastructures; design and construction of industrial plants

and machinery; technologies for the metals and mining industries; oil & gas exploration

and production and research-oriented health facilities.

All along, companies have maintained a deep commitment to efficiency, quality,

integrity and respect for the value of individuals, promoting health and safety among

employees, being careful of the footprint of operations on the environment, establishing

transparent and constructive relations with local communities and establishing

long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.

Today, the companies of the Techint Group are active in a small number of clearly

circumscribed industries, where they have global or regional prominence:

• Tenaris

is a leading supplier of steel tubes and related services for the world’s energy

industry and certain other industrial applications;

• Ternium

is the leading supplier of flat and long steel products in Latin America,

with steel manufacturing and processing facilities, and service and distribution

centers in the Americas;


The AfterSchool

Program promotes

social inclusion through

informal education

and the development

of socio-emotional

and academic skills

in pre-school children.