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History & Expansion


"Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale" - soon named TECHINT after the original telex code - was founded as an international corporation in 1945.

The founder was Agostino Rocca, an innovative engineer, manager and entrepreneur, and a key force behind the development of the Italian steel industry in the 1930s.


The company began providing engineering services to clients in Europe and Latin America.

Construction activities soon followed, among them the southern gas pipeline in Argentina, inaugurated in 1949.

Production of steel structures and heavy mechanical equipment and parts was also started near Buenos Aires.

Early Steel Ventures

Techint constructed and then operated two seamless steel tube plants, one in Veracruz (Mexico) and the other in Campana (Argentina). Both plants began production in 1954.

In the late 1960s a flat steel cold-rolling facility was built in Ensenada (Argentina), which was meant to be the first step of a planned fully integrated operation.


With a workforce of experienced professionals and skilled workers numbering 61,600 total employees, 48,500 of whom are permanent, the Techint Group’s global annual turnover is over $15.2 billion USD.


Agostino Roca

Agostino Rocca (1895-1978), founder of the Techint Group of Companies.


From left to right: Gianfelice, Agostino (1945 - 2001), Roberto (1922-2003) and Paolo Rocca.