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If you share our passion for doing and the desire to transform reality, we want to offer you the opportunity to join our team.

Supervisor Development Program

Supervisors play a vital role in our industry. We actively encourage professionals with proven experience, leadership capabilities and a passion for doing to sign up for our Supervisor Development Program.
Our innovative and ambitious training program offers candidates a broad range of courses in areas such as engineering, construction, programming, and project control, as well as quality and safety, to encourage them to develop a vision of high added value. Our goal is to team up with the best supervisors in the industry.

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Young technicians

If you’ve just graduated from technical school and are passionate about the engineering and construction industry, we invite you to join our team.

Working on some of the most challenging projects in the industry, you’ll have the chance to develop your personal and professional skills alongside experts with outstanding experience in the industry.

Work with us
  • Maira Durán · Civil Works Supervisor

    "I am immensely proud to be working as a civil works supervisor at the Fortín de Piedra project, in Vaca Muerta."

  • Udinson and Wellington Curta · in charge of Scaffolding at the P-76 project in Brazil.

    “We started out as construction helpers, working to assemble the scaffolding. Today, thanks to the opportunities the company gave us, and after putting in a lot of effort, we are proud to be in charge of the entire scaffolding area.”

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Fraud in hiring processes

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated online scam whereby job opportunities are offered that actually don't exist. If you suspect that you have received a fraudulent offer, please contact our Transparency Line.

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