Our top management

  • Carlos Bacher

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Lodovico Rocca


  • Ricardo Ourique Marques

    General Director of Brazil

  • Oscar Scarpari

    General Director of the Andean Area

  • Alejandro Maluf

    Regional Director of the Northern Area

  • Gustavo Gallino

    General Director of the Southern Area

  • Federico Segura

    General Director of the International Area

  • Federico Barroetaveña

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Alejandro Sarubbi

    Internal Audit DirectorCorporate Director of Quality, Sustainability, Health and Safety

  • Guillermo Farall

    Corporate Director of Human Resources

  • Pedro Norberto Napoletano

    Corporate Director of Engineering

  • Pablo Alejandro Videla

    Corporate Director of Planning, Management Control and Budgeting

  • Jose Angel Ferreiro

    Corporate Director of Supplies

  • Juan Matías Puig Torres

    Business Conduct Compliance Officer

  • Diego Andrés Zonis

    Legal Director

Integrity and transparency

Ethics and compliance

Professional development


Outlook for the long term