A step forward for the industry

Technology and innovation are front and center of our differentiation strategy. We believe that these are the fruits of productive teamwork, where employees are encouraged to contribute their experience and opinions based on a thorough knowledge of industrial technologies and best practices.

Our internal programs are designed to identify outstanding ideas and put into practice those with an impact on safety, productivity and the environment. We prioritize the digitalization and integration of processes in all areas of design, construction and management.

  • Guillermo Cremaschi · Manager of Innovation and Applied Technology

    “Every day, we work on projects aimed at helping us transform the industry and improve the way we do things. But we're not doing this by ourselves. Innovation is a strategic axis which nourishes and draws from the daily work of Techint employees, and our goal is to support each and every one of them and promote their ideas.”

  • Gustavo Rojas · Engineering Systems Manager

    “Innovation is about constantly rethinking ourselves and seeking out new ideas that allow us to add value for our customers.”

Research and Development

High-impact projects

    • 1

      Building Information Modeling (BIM), data-centric design, digital twin.

    • 2

      Virtual reality and augmented reality for project planning and works monitoring.

    • 3

      Management process digitalization and systems integration.

    • 4

      Internet of things and sensoring for construction equipment and facilities.

    • 5

      Data recording in the field using mobile devices.

    • 6

      Data analytics and robotic process automation.

    • 7

      Using drones for topographic, subsoil and progress surveys.

How do we innovate in work resources and schedule management?

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