Integrity and transparency

Our founding pillars

At Techint E&C, we are committed to the highest standards of ethical and business conduct. Our corporate culture is founded upon integrity and transparency, upheld by the active participation of all our employees, suppliers, customers and the communities where we operate, in order to comply with the guidelines orienting our actions.

Our Code of Conduct lays out the ethical principles underpinning the relationships between the company, its employees, customers and suppliers. The Code enshrines the means and instruments that guarantee the standards of integrity and transparency governing matters with an impact on the company and its management.

Techint E&C's Business Conduct Policy regulates the interaction of the company and its employees with public officials, government entities, private persons, suppliers, customers and other third parties.

Similarly, the Business Conduct Compliance Program provides specific rules to evaluate and authorize critical transactions, ensuring that suppliers and business partners alike adhere to the company’s standards of conduct and values. They reflect the requirements enshrined in the laws and regulations applicable to our operations in each of the countries where we operate.

Compliance Line

The Compliance Line allows personnel as well as suppliers, investors and third parties in general, to report, confidentially (and anonymously if desired), any conduct which contravenes the company's Code of Conduct or its principles. The Transparency Line functions according to the procedures designed by the Internal Audit department and is directly supervised by the president's office. If you need to report any possible irregularities, you can fill out the online form or call the toll-free telephone numbers.

Online form

Compliance Line

UN Global Compact

The company has been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact network since 2019. A leading corporate social responsibility initiative, this global network includes more than 9,500 companies and 3,000 non-profit organizations committed to promoting a more sustainable future.

The objective is to reinforce our work and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and the best standards in labor, environment, community, security and anti-corruption matters.

Transparent Municipality Program

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