Our international scope

Techint E&C around the world

Local roots, global scope

Our global network features Engineering Centers in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy and India, as well as Regional and Commercial Offices in Latin America and Europe.

  • Engineering centers

  • Regional headquarters

  • Commercial and operational center

  • Offshore unit

  • Africa


    47 Office Building, Street 90-North, Section 1 City Centre, 6th Floor,

    Cairo Governorate 11853

    Tel: (20) 2 25 370 172

  • Asia


    Techint India Pvt. Ltd.A-wing, 5th Floor,

    Think Techno Campus Pokhran Road No 2,

    Off Eastern Express Highway Behind TCS,

    Yantra Park, Thane (W) 400 601

    Tel: (91) 22 6113 3500

  • Europe


    Via Monte Rosa, 93

    (20149) Milan

    Tel: +39 02 3593 5001

  • Europe


    Calle de los Recoletos 23, 3°A y B,

    Madrid 28001, Spain.

    Tel: + 34 913 898 173.

  • North America


    Guillermo González Camarena 1200, Piso 7

    Colonia Centro de Ciudad Santa Fe, Delegación Álvaro Obregón, México D.F.

    CP 01210

    Tel: (52) 55 8525-7000 / 5246-7200

  • North America

    United States

    2200 West Loop South, Suite 400,

    Houston, Texas


  • South America


    Bouchard 557, Piso 16

    (C1106ABG) Buenos Aires

    Tel: (54) 11 4018-4100

  • South America


    Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3900 - Itaim Bibi

    (04538132) San Pablo - SP

    Tel: (55) 11 2137-6000

  • South America


    Cerro El Plomo 5420, Piso 16

    7560742 Las Condes, Santiago

    Tel: (56) 2 2363-3200

  • South America


    Calle 113 No. 7-80 Oficina 403


    Tel: (57) 3102311770

  • South America


    Av. La Coruña, n° 28-14 y Manuel Iturrey Edificio Santa Fé, Piso 4

    Quito Pichincha, Quito 

    Tel: (593) 2 2988 700

  • South America


    Av. Rivera Navarrete N° 475, Piso 12

    San Isidro, Lima

    Tel (51) 213 5555

  • South America


    La Cumparsita 1373, Piso 7º,


    Tel: (+598) 2 901 9091

Our main offices

  • Argentina

    We are one of the leading construction companies in Argentina with almost 70 years’ experience working in the country’s main industrial sectors. We have taken part in some of the most complex technological projects in Argentine history, spanning the principal market segments. These include flagship developments such as the Zárate-Brazo Largo bridge and the Loma de la Lata gas pipeline; the Veladero gold mine and the Los Caracoles and Punta Negra hydroelectric plants in San Juan province, as well as the extension of the Subway Line H in the city of Buenos Aires.
    Our Engineering Center in Buenos Aires is one of the most sophisticated on the continent, equipped with the capabilities to develop basic and detail engineering as well as 3D modeling for conventional oil & gas facilities, unconventional gas processing plants, pipelines and compression stations, refineries, power plants, hydroelectric developments and mining infrastructure.

  • Brazil

    Established in Sao Paolo in 1947, the company today has over 1,100 successful works to its name, with sales offices in Rio de Janeiro, an Equipment Management Park in Aruja, also home to the Techint training center in Brazil, and an offshore unit in Pontal do Paraná, which was upgraded and expanded in 2012. We have laid over 8,000 km of pipes throughout the country, representing some 60% of the national network, and we have provided services to all the Brazilian government refineries, cooperating with their expansion and modernization programs.
    We are actively involved in several projects in the country’s main production and manufacturing segments, from oil & gas, petrochemical plants and refineries, mining and energy, to industrial plants.

  • Chile

    We began operations in Chile in 1952, and have since then focused on developing projects for the mining and oil & gas segments. We have taken part in the country’s principal pipeline construction and laying projects, including major aqueducts and oreducts for several mining operations as well as oil and gas pipelines.

  • Colombia

    When the company first began work in Colombia, the projects were mostly urban constructions. As time went on, we expanded our activity to lay pipelines and aqueducts as well as build hydroelectric plants and mining deposits. We have also successfully completed several projects in the industrial segment and are providing engineering studies and services to large pipeline projects.

  • Ecuador

    In the 1970s, we began building civil infrastructure works in the country, diversifying our services over time to include projects in areas such as maritime terminals, docks, oil pipelines and industrial plants.

  • Egypt

    The team line-up is mostly local in origin, and their skills meet all the requirements to handle any type of large-scale industrial project. Present in the country since 1974, we have successfully completed over 40 large-scale projects, including 15 conventional or combined cycle plants and large petrochemical and processing plants.

  • India

    The Engineering Center was set up in 2010 in Mumbai to deliver detail engineering, including 3D engineering modeling services to develop and build power plants, refineries and oil projects. Around 180 people currently work at our offices covering different HSE aspects in the areas of mechanics, pipelines, electricity, instrumentation, civil and project engineering.

  • Italy

    In 1945, we completed our first project in Italy: an 80-km pipeline for NATO. Since then, we have grown to become one of the country’s leading engineering and construction companies.
    Our Engineering Center in Milan is considered a pole of excellence throughout the Techint Group. It offers high added value services in areas where it has built up extensive experience, such as oil & gas, refineries, energy and infrastructure, particularly in the healthcare and hospitals sector. Over the past decade, the Engineering Center has expanded its range of services to include green technology and environmental consulting solutions, applied innovation technologies, asset management, and optimization studies.
    We use state-of-the-art project design software and simulation tools developed exclusively in association with the Polytechnic of Milan.

  • Mexico

    Our first challenge in Mexico was the development of the Tamsa steelworks in Veracruz, in 1954. Since then, we have expanded our activities to sectors such as the construction of chemical and petrochemical plants, laying power lines, oil and gas pipelines, building power plants and civil works. From our headquarters in Mexico City, we have directed and carried out more than 270 projects in Mexico, Canada and the United States over the last 60 years, with special emphasis on the oil & gas and energy sectors.

  • Peru

    The company has played an active role in the country’s principal infrastructure projects since 1948, completing major undertakings such as the Northern Peru Pipeline, which transports crude oil from the rainforests in the north east to the north coast, and the Camisea Gas Transmission System, running from the Cusco rainforest across the Andes mountain range to the city of Lima.
    We opened our offices in Lima in 2009 and have since successfully carried out a large number of oil & gas, energy and mining projects. We built the first gas-fired power plant in the country, and took part in the construction of the Toromocho copper mine and the Minera Chinalco copper processing plant.