Health, safety and the environment

A long term vision

Sustainability Report 2022

Our commitment to sustainable operations translates into minimizing our environmental footprint while promoting the development of our neighboring communities.

Every year, we publish a Sustainability Report that reflects how our values lead to tangible action, measuring our environmental, social and economic performance.


Towards zero impact

Many of our projects involve working at the most diverse ecosystems, going from ocean coastlines across arid deserts or dense tropical rainforests, to tunneling through rockfaces high up in the Andean mountain range. To ensure our impact is as limited as possible, we undertake preliminary studies and implement the necessary measures during and after construction to ensure the reduction of our carbon footprint and that the environment is protected and cared for.
We operate in compliance with international standards such as ISO 50001: 2018 (Energy Management System) and ISO 14001: 2018 (Environmental Management Systems).

  • +153.000

    hours of training in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment in 2022.

  • 15.900

    tons of recycled and reused waste in the last year.

  • 8%

    of our carbon footprint was reduced.

  • +100

    relocated species.

  • Alejandro Sarubbi · Chief Quality, Health, Safety and Enviroment Officer

    “In an increasingly dynamic and challenging world, our knowledge and experience allow us to guarantee the highest standards in safety, quality and care for the environment.”

  • Alejandro Maluf · President- North America Region

    “We are a company that designs and builds projects to improve people's lives. You can see this in the development of the communities where we work, and in the added value we offer our customers and shareholders, and it’s also clearly visible in our people’s professional and personal growth achievements.”

  • Ariana Flores · QHSE Manager in the project SGP Veracruz, Mexico

    “I joined Techint E&C 11 years ago in the QHSE area. I feel that the limit does not exist and I was able to grow enough to know that my future is in this area because taking care of people is very fulfilling.”


Our commitment

Growing and developing together with the communities

At Techint E&C, we are convinced that the company’s development must go hand in hand with the growth of the communities of which we are a part. Our view of the future is a long-term one, unfolding in tandem with our communities, as the works we undertake are foundational for social development, creating genuine value in the areas of employment, professional development, education and health, among others.

Programs and initiatives

Community development

  • Education

    Our community relations program focuses mainly on education, as we consider that this is the principal driver for development, providing opportunities and paving the way for people to grow. We are concentrating our greatest investments in this area in order to enable access to quality technical education for children and young people by offering them scholarships, internships and educational programs.

  • Health

    We contribute to improving local infrastructure and providing equipment for healthcare institutions, and continuously develop awareness campaigns aimed at communities and employees.

  • Social inclusion and diversity

    Through our volunteer programs, we revamp and repair community schools. In addition, we share our knowledge and resources to foster personal and professional development, offering local community members opportunities to receive technical and leadership training, as well as other initiatives, such as giving talks on gender violence, and recycling programs, for instance. Additionally, through the Transparent Municipality program implemented in Brazil, we are supporting the Ethos Institute by training municipal officials how to act with transparency in the course of their daily duties.

Techint E&C applies its experience to social projects

We worked together with NGOs and civil associations as part of the Social Project Management Day in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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