We make it happen

We know how to execute the most complex projects, overcoming obstacles in all kinds of climatic and environmental conditions.

We make possible what many believe to be impossible: the largest LNG plant in Europe, the world’s highest pipeline, and no less than 10 crossings under the Andes mountain range, among other challenging projects.

Techint E&C


  • Upstream and Midstream

    Oil & Gas

    We have extensive expertise in building processing facilities, oil and gas separation plants, gas processing plants, offshore platforms, marine facilities, pipelines and LNG regasification terminals.

    We are one of the world’s leading pipeline contractors, having built and laid over 60,000 kilometers of pipelines. We also build and install pumping and compression stations as well as storage tanks.

  • Plants and units

    Downstream and petrochemicals plants

    We design and build delayed coking units, Fluid Catalytic Separating Units (FCCU), Merox, powerformer, hydrotreatment, sour water units and amine tanks, alkylation units, and gasoline and diesel HDT and HDS.

    We have carried out modernization processes for oil heaters, storage tanks, oil and water separation units, and desalination, hot oil and dehydration systems, as well as designing service areas and OBSL. In addition to our extensive engineering and construction experience, our supply area is qualified to purchase critical equipment at international level.

  • Generation and transmission


    We build conventional power generation plants. Thanks to our strategic alliances with the main manufacturers of turbines and other equipment, we increase production efficiency at the plants and minimize emissions into the environment. Our range of capabilities includes consultancy, engineering and project management services for new plants as well as for upgrading existing facilities. We also develop all kinds of auxiliary systems for power plants, transmission lines and substations.

  • Mining development


    We are involved throughout the life cycle of a project, from the initial feasibility studies to start-up.
    We design and build desalinated and seawater impulsion systems, desalination plants, mineral processing plants, industrial structures and buildings, pulp and tailings transport pipelines, as well as complementary civil works such as roadways, access roads and ports. We also offer operations and maintenance services.

  • A maker of factories

    Industrial plants

    We provide fully integrated solutions for the sector, ranging from feasibility studies and engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and management tasks, to commissioning and start-up, personnel training and assistance for the operation of all types of industrial plants.
    We also provide services to the Techint Group’s steel and steel pipe companies, including the maintenance of electromechanical equipment and plant facilities, heavy cleaning at steel mills, light industrial cleaning, packaging and conditioning rolled steel coils as well as work on flue systems.

  • Key projects for society

    Civil infrastructure works

    We specialize in providing engineering services, from feasibility studies to basic and detailed engineering, as well as supplies, construction and commissioning of civil infrastructure works in compliance with the most rigorous international standards.
    With more than 650 projects to our name in this segment, we have developed some of the main infrastructure works in Latin America: hydroelectric dams, water supply systems, hydraulic engineering works, tunnels and rail transport systems, bridges, docks, airports and subways, telecommunications systems, buildings and industrial complexes.

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