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Techint E&C is awarded the Seal of Human Rights and Diversity by the Sao Paulo City Council

Published 25.11.2021

The company is privileged to be the only construction company certified during this fourth edition of the program, set up to recognize corporate inclusion efforts made by different organizations operating in the city.

In Brazil, Techint E&C has been recognized by the City of Sao Paulo as a company leading efforts to uphold a culture of human rights and diversity. The company was the only construction company to receive the Seal of Human Rights and Diversity, an accolade that recognizes the challenges of inclusion and the complexities of managing, promoting, and defending diversity as well as human rights in the workplace. All organizations qualify as candidates, given that the award applies as much to the private sector as to public agencies and NGOs. Developed by the Sao Paulo City Secretariat for Human Rights and Citizenship, the program is now in its fourth edition.

“At Techint, we cherish diversity as both a value and a strength, and it’s a great honor to be recognized for our work in upholding this. The certification recognizes our Diversity & Inclusion Program, which aims to ensure an increasingly inclusive workplace," explains Vanessa Mota, General Manager of Human Resources at Techint.

Techint implemented its Diversity & Inclusion Program in 2020, with a range of actions deployed by both program management and volunteers following approval by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Some of its more noteworthy practices include the Diversity & Inclusion Week, organized by the company throughout its offices and worksites to foster spaces for learning and dialogue on the subject, involving all employees in activities held across different areas. In addition to this special week, the company organizes training courses throughout the year on unconscious biases for leaders as well as workshops on moral and sexual harassment.

The company is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, and thus works to guarantee and encourage the presence of women in management and operational roles in the engineering and construction sector. For example, the company’s trainee program stipulates that for every five candidates, three must be women, and for every three people on the shortlist, at least one should be female. In recent years, the percentage of female trainees has risen from 20% in 2016 to 45% in 2020.

Vanessa Mota · General Manager of Human Resources at Techint.

“The construction sector is historically male-dominated, but we are making major efforts to change the way it works.  Our Human Resources division strives to ensure global gender inclusion practices are an integral part of all processes. The Sao Paulo City Council award underscores the relevance of our efforts, particularly in the construction business," recognizes Vanessa, who represented the company during the awards ceremony held on October 29, 2021.

Techint also ranks as the best company in the Infrastructure sector in the Exame Diversity Guide for its 2019, 2020 and 2021 editions.

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