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#WomenWhoBuild: Yessica González

Published 29.7.2021

Yessica González joined Techint Engineering & Construction in 2012 and today heads up the Human Resources department in Monterrey. She is convinced that there must be equal and equitable opportunities for all:  "We must step away from all the prejudices about who’s stronger or weaker.”

Team · Víctor Mancilla (R2B Project), Angélica Martínez (headquarters), Yessica González, Bismart Domínguez (headquarters) and Viviana Ramírez (MLC Monterrey).

Yessica Gonzalez has a degree in Business Administration and a Master's degree in Administrative Engineering. She is currently working as Head of Human Resources at Techint E&C in Monterrey for the Electromechanical Hot Rolling Mill and Ternium Managed Labor contract projects in Pesqueria, as well as the engineering office in that city.

In this interview, she acknowledges that it was not easy to adapt to the construction industry and shares her passion for working on projects.

Did you ever have to deal with prejudice or bias for being a woman?

I am 100% feminist. I have a strong character, I speak my mind, I’m diligent and well-educated, all of which have helped me earn the respect and esteem of the people around me. I think Techint is doing a great job with the women working on the projects, and we really have some wonderful women working in the field.

How did you feel when you started working in the construction industry?

I joined Techint in 2012 for the TenarisTamsa Managed Labor Contract (MLC) in Veracruz. I was from an entirely different area to construction, so it took me a while to adapt. However, I’m passionate about working on-site, so in 2019, when I was assigned to Monterrey, it was a terrific challenge for me. The Galvanizing and Painting project was going full speed ahead and we had to pick up the pace at the Hot Rolling mill project. I felt incredibly committed to this at a personal level since I came from a smaller project and I was very keen to get things right.

In your opinion, how can the construction industry benefit from having more women?

There must be equal and equitable opportunities, we must step away from all the prejudices about who’s stronger or weaker. Women are as capable as anyone else, we pay attention to detail and are dedicated. The participation of women has taken the construction industry to a new level throughout Latin America.

Yessica · with her son Emiliano Escobar González.

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