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Bechtel recognizes Techint Engineering & Construction’s work in Chile

Published 30.8.2022

The global construction firm has awarded Techint E&C a major mark of distinction at the Quebrada Blanca 2 project, thanks to the key role it played in handling COVID-19 cases and ensuring correct compliance with procedures.

The Techint E&C COVID Committee at the Quebrada Blanca 2 (QB2) project in Chile was singled out for recognition by the company’s customer Bechtel, one of the world’s leading engineering and project management firms. The award was made in acknowledgment of the successful crisis management work carried out at the Pipeline 2 section during the pandemic and presented at the company’s XI Senior Safety Council.

“We were the only contractor working at the QB2 project to be honored with this award for the general management of coronavirus cases, both on-site and after work, as well as for observing compliance with all our customer's COVID-19 procedures and circulars (e.g., audits, KPIs, shift uploads, unlocking credentials, pandemic plan, etc.),” explain Marcia Barraza and Jenesi Rivera, leaders of the COVID QB2 Committee.

The Committee performed an outstanding role in coordinating the teams of the different contracting companies, mainly due to its proactive approach and capacity for innovation in the management of COVID-19-related issues. As a whole, the company distinguished itself not only for delivering the materials on time but also for showing the ability to anticipate many of the requirements of both the customer and the health authorities, in the midst of an extremely adverse context.

For Marcelo Duarte, Techint E&C’s Project Manager at QB2, "this distinction represents highly significant feedback, as it shines a light on the commitment, responsibility and effort of the team members, evident in their tireless labor." He adds that "the award is actually an incentive as it reinforces a positive attitude among our personnel and confirms that the guidelines governing the execution of the company's efforts are adequate.”

The employees in charge of the tasks were: Yenesi Rivera, Angie Chaparro, María Fernanda Barraza and Paulette Solorza (shift A); Pablo Muñoz, Marcia Barraza, Helen Calquín, Cristina Cádiz and Bárbara Araya (shift B); and Makarena Lanas, Joel Rojas, Lucía Muñoz, Hugo Lizana and Tomás Acosta (paramedics on the shifts).

“Professionalism, excellence, and continuous improvement were key to achieving such positive results. On a daily basis, everyone used their experience and knowledge of quality management to the best of their ability, always putting workers first, both in the administrative handling of cases and in monitoring people’s health status and evolution collaborating closely with the professionals in the area,” points out Marcia Barraza.

Their efforts were complemented by highly effective field campaigns, different awareness-raising initiatives, and a full range of informative and educational programs created by Techint E&C to motivate people to get vaccinated, practice self-care, and know how to react to contingencies.

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