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Diversity, Harassment, Ethics and Transparent Line: A Commitment by all

Published 23.5.2022

During the month of May, the Corporate Audit Department (DICAU) and the North American Human Resources Management of Techint Engineering and Construction carried out a series of talks on Diversity, Harassment, Ethics and Transparent Line in the Northern Region, with the participation of more than 1,000 collaborators from the different headquarters: Dos Bocas, Mexico City, ConSer, Carbonser, and Bishopric Headquarters in Monterrey.

The purpose of the talks was to raise awareness of the basic concepts of Diversity, harassment, ethics and Internal Control, sensitizing employees to apply them in a meaningful way in their work and personal environment. In addition, the topic of harassment was strongly addressed, as a behavior that has no place in the company.

In the different sessions, emphasis was placed on how to identify situations of discrimination or harassment and how these behaviors affect personal and professional environments, even affecting motivation and productivity, so employees were made aware of the importance of involvement among coworkers in order to avoid these situations, having a proactive attitude and acting on their own initiative, avoiding an attitude of non-intervention in situations that are wrong.

Juan Manuel Pineda, Dos Bocas Project Manager, emphasized that "the talks we had during the Diversity, Harassment, Ethics and Transparent Line week here at the Dos Bocas site, are the training tool with which we will make our work environment more pleasant".

"When we refer to the term diversity in the company, we are talking about the fact that we do not discriminate against anyone under any circumstances, that we have a policy of ethical management of the different relationships and situations that arise at work, both with the customer, suppliers and internally," he added.

He also emphasized the existence of the Transparent Line to report cases that violate company policies.

"Our internal audit area investigates all reports, this helps us improve the work environment and helps people feel comfortable and protected; that they come to work and there are no hidden agendas that could affect them."

Juan Puig, Corporate Director of Internal Audit (DICAU), emphasized that "the importance of the issues addressed is that we all understand that this is a message from the company and that it does not depend on the personal will of the different managers or heads in each sector".

"Techint is a large company, with more than 20 thousand employees, and it decided from its shareholders, presidency and general managers the way it wants things to be done and that is very important that we all see it and understand it, so as not to admit that there are different structures within the organization that work differently because someone does not agree with its principles," he added.

Finally, he stressed that "it is not that each project, management or department can have its own particular rules, obviously it does have them in operational, technical and other matters, but not in terms of general operating principles. To show everyone clearly that this is the company's decision, and that it does not allow different behavior, is one of the objectives of these talks".

Vilson Rigon, Director of Operations North America, said, via web link, that "this is the right way to operate and it is very important that leaders understand these organizational principles, and it is also transcendental that they carry them out; acting in the right way is a value and I invite them to practice it," he concluded.

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