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“Each project is an opportunity to learn”

Published 4.4.2022

Karla Soto Macías joined Techint Engineering & Construction ten years ago to work on a project taking place in Tuxpan, her hometown. She’s worked in a number of different projects in Mexico over the years, and today she’s Head of Systems for the Cogeneration Project, at the Dos Bocas Refinery, the largest mega project in the country's history.

When Karla Soto Macías joined Techint E&C to work in the Systems area of the Tuxpan Compression Station project in November 2011, she never imagined herself going so far, nor that her work would bring her into contact with people from other countries and cultures.

“For a long time, I thought that jobs in companies in construction were about careers in the industry, such as Civil Engineering, Electrical, Occupational Safety or others, but not careers like mine. In fact, when I started studying Systems Engineering, I imagined working more in the administration area.”

When Karla was studying, most of her fellow students were men, which however was not an impediment for her, as, "both teachers and classmates were respectful and we managed to foster an environment conducive to gender equality." She also had the support of her family, who "encouraged me every day to continue, even in adversity," adds Karla.

Today women can pursue a career in IT and exercise their profession without any worries. Karla says that, “future generations shouldn’t be nervous, they should step up to the challenge, exit their comfort zone, leave home and embark on this adventure, because they’ll be able to grow both professionally and personally. Nowadays, women have reached high-level positions in this field.” She adds that, "We are perfectly capable of occupying roles and positions which were mainly dominated by men until a short time ago."

For Karla, working at Techint E&C is a constant challenge. "New activities come up all the time, prompting you to assume a commitment and make every effort to give your best and become a better professional and person." She explains that, as this is about projects that must be completed within a specific time frame, "you have to learn to keep step with the pace set by the work team to meet the objectives, so you can help ensure the final delivery of the project."

During these years in the company, Karla has had the opportunity to take part in different projects throughout Mexico, enjoying the enriching experience of cultural exchange and interaction with people from other locations, and even other countries.

What she most likes about working at Techint is that "each project is an opportunity to learn, as every day you have the chance to apply your knowledge and improve it thanks to the experience you acquire." In addition, she believes that listening to other people’s points of view makes for a broader mindset, deepening the understanding of the projects she’s involved with.  

For Karla, “the best part is arriving on-site when all there is a piece of bare ground. Then, you see how everybody’s efforts, thanks to constant and coordinated participation, lead to the creation of a work, and ultimately contribute to benefiting society.” 

As a member of the team building the Dos Bocas Refinery, one of the largest-scale projects in Mexican history, she feels "enormous satisfaction", adding that, "seeing the dynamism of progress on a daily basis is really exciting." 

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