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General Services "A strong ally for all sectors"

Published 11.10.2022

María Angelina Grimaldo is a General Services analyst, and together with her team, they run things at the Techint E&C headquarters in Mexico. In this interview she tells about herself and her job.

General Services in Mexico is the area in charge of coordinating what needs to be done in order to assemble everything necessary and solve all the challenges involved for different work teams, both at headquarters and projects.

An Analyst and Bachelor of Business Administration with a degree from the Acapulco Technological Institute, María Angelina Grimaldo has been working with the General Services team at the company’s operations in Mexico for almost four years.

She’s in charge of providing support to all areas at the company’s main offices by uploading processes in SAP to manage payments (certifications, administrative orders, etc.) for the company’s suppliers and service providers. In addition, she makes sure that there are always sufficient supplies for people attending events in Mexico, and ensures the logistical planning of these goes as smoothly as possible.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy being able to provide support for all areas and handling situations that arise unexpectedly, where I have to take decisions firmly and positively, so that we can solve any problems that arise. This is great training practice and helps you grow.

How would you define the General Services team?

We provide services to all areas, and always try to give our best and identify the right solutions. We’re the ones who basically scout ahead for the other teams and effectively pave their way.

María comments that she and her team feel like "the true allies" of all sectors, as their job is to solve any problem that comes up. Also, given that, as she says, "time is of the essence when it comes to solving many issues," she encourages the different areas to "involve General Services from the beginning so that we can work and make progress together in order to achieve the objectives as best and as soon as possible."

One of the biggest challenges: the return to face-to-face work

She remembers what it was like in 2021, when, from one moment to the next, the return to the offices became imminent: “I had to make sure that all the requirements were met, so I immediately started contacting suppliers. For me it was really hard work because I was managing the logistics of all the supplies required to ensure people’s safe return (such as alcohol gel, dispensers, signage, sanitizing stations, facemasks, acrylic separator screens, etc.). I had to source quotes and at the same time adapt the working areas so that employees would feel safe and confident enough to re-enter the facilities.”

So it was that the return to the office found the General Services team struggling with limited time and a shortage of suppliers. “There were no supplies to be had, as all the companies were looking to buy the same things at the same time,” she recalls. “Fortunately we managed to get it all done properly and on time,” she concludes.

Maria and the company

What do you feel the company has given you?

“The company has given me so many opportunities to build experience! I think it’s given me a chance to gain a lot of wisdom from different areas. Also, today I consider myself more proactive than before, thanks to the company. Today I can actively push myself to take decisions without hesitating and find I’m able to anticipate certain situations that could happen.”

What do you feel you have contributed to the company?

“I feel that I’ve been able to contribute my commitment and effort, my passion. And I’ve always tried to provide the best service, giving my all. Above all, I’ve always tried to be a good person and partner to others in the company.”

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