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#WomenWhoBuild: “I always thought my future career would be in a law firm”

Published 30.6.2022

#WomenWhoBuild: María Bello de la Mora now enjoys the work environment at Techint E&C because there are always new challenges and "you never stop learning".

When María Bello de la Mora began studying law at the Universidad Iberoamericana, she never imagined that her professional destiny would be framed between engineering and construction projects.

She joined Techint E&C North America Area two and a half years ago, at the height of the pandemic, on the recommendation of a lawyer who was advising the Techint Group. Today, her responsibilities include the review and negotiation of contracts and agreements, and legal advice to the different areas of the company.

“I always thought my future career would be in a law firm. Today, at Techint I really enjoy the work environment because there are always new challenges. What I like most is that all the projects are different, so you never stop learning, situations arise every day and new solutions are found,” explains María.

She considers that the biggest challenge he had to face was "learning about the industry, which is solved with the passage of time and the constant desire to continue learning.”

One of the issues that stands out most about the company is the balance achieved between the personal and professional lives of employees, especially since the pandemic when circumstances have put individual responsibility and time management to the test. According to María, “the company respects this balance very much, especially the area in which I work, which allows me to dedicate the necessary time to my personal life, without neglecting my professional life.”

Regarding how to have good communication in work teams, Maria recommends "that there be an atmosphere of trust and honesty, and always try to find a solution when you are consulted on an issue.”

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