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Published 24.5.2022

Since 25 years ago Alberto, Matías and Pablo, part of the Quiroz family, share the same passion for doing and tell us how it feels to work together in this company.

Sometimes it's hard to find the right balance between family and work, but for the Quiroz family, this has never been a problem. Since Matias and Pablo were kids, Alberto, his father, traveled from project to project, but that only made his family stronger and more united. They shared projects, stories and anecdotes being part of Techint Engineering and Construction for so many years together, which make each talk unique and incomparable.

A passion that is inherited.

Alberto, family guy and part of Techint E&C for 25 years, participated in the Piping Department in very important projects such as Atucha II in Argentina and Camisea in Peru before returning to work in the office. Today, after so many years in the company, Alberto highlights with an inflated chest that "at one time I was the one who was the reference for my sons and now it is the other way around, they are my references inside and outside the company."

Matías, the youngest son, began as a Draftsman in the Processes Department in 2005, and later rotated to emblematic company projects such as Shushufindi in Ecuador and MEGA in Argentina. Finally, he stood in Fortín de Piedra, in Neuquén´s basin in Argentina, where he continues his father's footsteps and works as a Piping Design Reviewer.

On the other hand, Pablo, the eldest son of the family, separated from the Piping road and developed in the Systems area as a Project Manager. He has been part of the company for 14 years, having participated in important projects throughout Argentina, such as Atucha II, Subte H, and Fortín de Piedra, among others.

More united every day

All natives of Buenos Aires and their families located there, they say that the most difficult thing is the distance and being away from loved ones: “At first, it was difficult for us to separate. The boys were kids, I was far away and communications were not as simple as they are now," Alberto explained, but he clarifies that this only made them more united and a stronger family: "You had to make long trips to the public telephone on town or get a colleague to lend you his cell phone and call quickly to find out how everyone was at home, because it was very expensive”

Now, Pablo and Matias are the ones who have to be away sometimes and rely on those who stay at home to face the day-to-day family issues. “Now communication is much easier than before. Being far away is always good to know that just by calling they are going to be available for do whatever you need to. It´s good to realize that the family will never be alone,” says Matías. "Mom, dad, and the rest of the family are in Buenos Aires, we support each other so much and we can go calm knowing that those we left are in good company," adds Pablo.

The brothers have many stories in common. They shared a room in Fortín de Piedra and had to live together like in those days in their parents' house. They had to be locked up under snow for two weeks in Pascua Lama in Chile, and they even played soccer games together and against teammates when they shared projects. “There is always something that unites us, a common project or a story to remember at family lunches. In the projects you never get bored, and less sharing it with my younger brother” Pablo laughs.

Today, after many years of giving life to the company, Alberto decided to retire, but the story of Trile Q, as they call themselves, continues. “The important thing about the company is that it allowed us to grow up. It will always be part of our family” explained Matías.

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