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“I’m passionate about my job”

Published 28.7.2022

Tayhana Cilento is 25 year-old Chemical Engineer who graduated from the University of La Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She started working in the Techint E&C process engineering area two years ago and today is on the team at the Ensenada Barragán Thermal Power Plant project. “A constant stream of challenges!” is how she defines her experience in the company so far.

Tayhana learned about Techint E&C thanks to a field trip she took with her university to the Tenaris plant in Campana, Buenos Aires. She recalls being “impressed with the sheer size of the operation, the quality of the professionals and the passion with which they spoke to us about their work.” After that guided tour, Tayhana admits that she regularly logged on to Techint's social networks which was where she finally found out that the Summer Internship application process was open. 

Some time later, as a Young Professional, she joined Techint E&C’s process engineering team, learning to carry out all kinds of tasks, from project engineering reviews to designing specific processes for customers. “That’s where we drew up all the plans, financial balances, our calculation reports, and defined how to optimize processes.”

Thanks to the rotation offered by the Young Professionals program, she went on to work at the Ensenada Barragán Thermal Power Plant (CTEB, in Spanish), where she now works as a Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Commissioning Engineer. At first, her job was about evaluating engineering performance and developing management software to enable an overall view of the status of the different processes making up the work. Then she moved on to carrying out management activities, including document delivery, reception and programming, together with the Planning and Control team. For her, completing these tasks implies “following things up on a daily basis to help organize the different work teams, in order to make sure we meet our deadlines on time. It’s a terrific opportunity to get an idea of the whole picture of the project and you really appreciate how interdisciplinary it is.”

Tayhana sums up her first years in the company succinctly with the words "a constant stream of challenges!" To begin with, in the Processes sector, "I started working in the areas of Oil & Gas and mining, where I had no specialized technical know-how at all, so I decided to start a master's degree in Oil and Gas Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires to broaden my knowledge. Now, working at the CTEB, having all the knowledge about processes that I acquired when I was at headquarters, I was charged with the task of reviewing the initial engineering, meaning the new round of engineering, and what had already been built, in order to identify possible inconsistencies. That’s another challenge that I found inspiring, one which is currently pushing me to improve and achieve progress every day.”

The search for constant improvement and her passion for engineering are Tayhana's drivers for success. “You can have your dream and say how nice it would be to be able to do it, but for me engineering is about exercising tenacity and being practical so that you can take that idea and make it happen. Then one day, you can turn round and say, ‘look what I did!’ So, for anybody who says that engineering is hard, I’d tell them ‘not at all!’ All the engineers I know love what they do, and for me, it's the same, I’m passionate about my job!"

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