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"What I like most is to support my patients in a preventive way to have a healthy work environment."

Published 2.6.2022

Yadira Vianey Montero Hernández is one of Techint E&C's physicians. She joined at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic at the Mexico headquarters. "Working at Techint E&C is a challenge and a constant learning experience".

Yadira Vianey Montero Hernandez is a Surgeon and Homeopath and has a Master's Degree in Occupational Health, Safety and Hygiene.

He joined Techint E&C a year and a half ago, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. "It was an important challenge to get on board and take the helm, with the objective of supporting, caring for and accompanying the patients who had this condition, since the risk of contagion and death persisted at all times, and always having as a gift or satisfaction the recovery of each of my patients," she says.

Yadira has always been dedicated to occupational medicine. She loves to be in interaction with people, to know and discover each of the work tasks to know how to prevent or control any condition, as well as to avoid accidents at work.

Its mission is to carry out preventive medical care for employees and to monitor and control some comorbidities so that they can perform their daily work tasks, ensuring the physical, mental and emotional stability of each one of them. Tasks that go hand in hand with preventive campaigns, talks and health surveillance.

"Working at Techint E&C is a challenge and a constant learning experience. What I like most is to serve and support each of my patients in a preventive way in order to have a healthy work environment," says Yadira.

The biggest challenge he had to face in the company was, and still is, COVID-19. "I have had to hold the hands of the employees affected by this disease and their families, safeguarding their integrity until I know they are fully recovered." The way he has handled the different situations has been through daily monitoring by various means - phone calls, text messages, whats app, teams, in some cases video calls -, scheduling medical assessments with specialists (pulmonologist and internists), conducting medical studies and, on some occasions, the support of oxygen tanks.

Yadira considers that, during the first year of the pandemic, the most difficult thing was to manage the emotional side of the patient or family members. "When the patient started with symptoms, the psychological factor was the one that was most altered. What helped us a lot was to be in contact with them, to spend time with them, to listen to them, to see how they felt and thus be able to attack those emotional feelings, especially when the person had lost several loved ones".

The advice for young people taking their first steps on the labor path, regardless of the career they have studied, is to "start with the best attitude and humility, to contribute their knowledge and experience, and to have the openness to improve and develop".

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