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Working to achieve greater inclusion for women in the workplace

Published 10.8.2022

Techint Engineering & Construction has launched its women's inclusion program in Chile to drive greater female participation in the company and boost their personal and professional growth. 

In line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 which is about achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls, Techint E&C is driving a comprehensive program to promote the inclusion of women in the workplace. The company kicked off its initiative in Chile, centered on breaking the gender bias, following the official launch of its Program to Include Women in the Workplace in March, inspired by the successful experiences of one of its customers. The idea is to increase the number of women working at the company thanks to a far-reaching recruitment drive for assistant positions: civil works assistants, riggers, topographists, and van and truck drivers, as well as machine operators and electricians, for instance.

At the meeting, Magaly Batista, Corporate Contract Administration Manager, welcomed the women joining the Techint E&C team as new members. She shared a few anecdotes from her own career, particularly during her first days as a young professional in 2005, and how she matured and developed over time. “Society and industry have changed, and so have we. This has allowed us to grow and incorporate two key features which you already have: the strength and the desire to be better every day,” she said.

“Bringing more women into the industry will help us perform better as we are incorporating variety in terms of creativity and mindset, creating added value for the projects and for society itself. These actions are intended to have a cascade effect, the idea being that one day, all this will no longer be a challenge as it will be normal and we’ll take it in our stride,” Batista added.

Joselyn Quiroga Fernández, one of the new assistants joining the Civil Works sector, said:“I always imagined myself working in mining. There are lots of challenges, but with clear objectives we can overcome them. What I enjoy most is learning new things and being with a good work team.”

“It’s a source of immense pride for the entire Techint E&C family to be able to launch this program. As a company, we have been working for some time to promote the greater inclusion of women in an industry largely dominated by men. Our challenge is to transform the way people think and behave," explained Oscar Scarpari, Director of the Andean Region.

Mario de Oro, Project Manager in Chile, pointed out that the impact of this program "is extremely positive, because we are helping to break paradigms so that women can occupy any and all the positions that men hold, on equal terms." He emphasized that, "If people are doing the job they want to do and are convinced of it, there will be no limits to their development."

Daysi Salazar, Head of Training for the Andean Region, highlighted: “I remember that one of the new members said that today, she’s starting out as an assistant, and then she wants to become a foreperson, and then a supervisor. This is exactly what the company is looking for, as the program is designed to encourage women to fulfill their dreams. Today in Chile, tomorrow in other locations.”

And from the top, Carlos Bacher, CEO of Techint E&C, wholeheartedly endorsed the efforts being made, as, “We are incorporating initiatives to promote diversity in its broadest sense, and gender equity in particular, with the conviction that the more diverse and equitable the company is, the more we can take advantage of each person’s capabilities, contributing to a more inclusive and balanced world."

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