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CPP in Ecuador wins big at the Eco Awards

Published 12.4.2023

A range of different environmental projects developed and led by Construcciones y Prestaciones Petroleras S.A. (CPP), an Ecuadorian subsidiary of Techint Engineering and Construction, have been singled out for praise by the company’s customers. The "School Medical Brigades", "Creating raw materials from hazardous waste" and "Using organic waste for pig feed", all received Eco Awards after being nominated by the company’s customers at the Auca and Shushufindi fields, for their work to promote sustainability.

The Eco Awards are part of the Sustainability Program set up by the private sector in Ecuador, including the company’s customers, whose objective is to motivate companies to identify, develop, quantify and share good socio-environmental practices as examples of sound sustainable actions in the supply chain. The idea is to showcase the contributions being made to maintain an efficient, clean and socially responsible operation.

In this latest edition only six companies made it to the final round, and CPP presented three projects: “School Medical Brigades: Your well-being is our priority”, “Creating raw material from hazardous waste,” and “Using organic waste for pig feed”.

The Social Management area in Ecuador carries out programs focused on achieving the 2030 Agenda spelled out in the Sustainable Development Goals, mainly in the areas of Health, Education, and the Reduction of Inequalities.

The "School Medical Brigades" project provides dental and optometry care to boys and girls of school age living in rural areas in the provinces of Orellana and Sucumbíos. Thanks to this program, in its most recent seven-day edition, a total of 510 children received treatment and 102 pairs of corrective glasses were delivered.

Patricia Carrera, the Head of Social Management of Ecuador, stressed that, "our main objective is to work with an awareness of our social commitment and not lose sensitivity to the situations affecting the communities surrounding our projects." She adds that, “we firmly believe that successful social transformation takes place thanks to actions that contribute to the improvement of people’s living conditions, enabling them to take advantage of development opportunities.”

Another of the projects that received an award was the "Creation of raw materials from hazardous waste", involving the reuse of chemical products and other additional elements to build pedestrian walkways and flooring slabs within the workshop facilities. “Thanks to the implementation of this project, we were able to reduce the amount of waste materials by 15,820 kg,” said Isabel Intriago, who is responsible for the Environmental Area at CPP in the Auca field.

The third project to receive an award was the "Use of organic waste for pig feed". Eduardo Sangoquiza, who is responsible for the Environmental Area at CPP in the Shushufindi field, explained that, "at our workshop, we create large volumes of organic waste from preparing food for our crew. So following a proposal from our personnel, we decided to take advantage of this waste and repurpose it for pig feed.”

In reference to the Eco Awards, Carrera said that, "this type of activity is really important, as it bolsters our commitment to help improve the living conditions of those who need it most. It enables us, as members of the private sector, to become the drivers of social transformation, something that’s vitally necessary in this area. Knowing that you can make a positive difference in someone’s life is the greatest satisfaction of all.”

Intriago added that, "these awards give our projects greater visibility and are an indicator that we are doing things right," while Sangoquiza observed that, “this competition was a great learning opportunity, as we were able to interact with other companies and see what they are doing. It means we can keep an eye on innovative ideas that we can replicate, creating synergy with those working in the social sector, and promote good practices as strategic partners.”

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