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Published 26.1.2023

Today is International Environmental Education Day, and at Techint Engineering & Construction, we’re inviting everyone to do their bit to help. Here we tell you a little more about our actions to care for the environment.  

We work throughout our projects to encourage people to use their materials properly, so their life cycle can be extended and their usefulness maximized. We also encourage the reduction and reuse of elements, and waste reduction and separation. We hold regular awareness raising and educational campaigns for all workers, and hold different activities to prompt to change their attitudes and manage waste as efficiently as possible on a daily basis:

  • “The Sheriff Patrol” (Parnaíba V, Brazil)
  • "Recycled Christmas" (Shushufindi field, Ecuador)
  • Vegetable Garden Initiative (Steelworks Services for TenarisSiderca, Argentina)
  • "Earth Hour" (different projects)
  • Open House "World Environment Day” – for the October 12 School (Shushufindi Project, Ecuador)
  • Contest "Recycled art" (Machine Park - TEPAM, Argentina)
  • Drawing contest "Children in Action" (Buena Ventura Wind Farm)

A little background to fill you in...

During the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Environment, the first to focus on international environmental issues, environmental education was declared to be a priority.

Ever since then, International Environmental Education Day has been commemorated on January 26, emphasizing the vital role played by education in raising awareness about the need to care for the environment, and in achieving a balanced relationship between human activities and nature. The way forward envisages strengthening sustainable development, recycling and the search to identify actions able to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

What can we do?

At Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, we’re inviting everyone to join us in caring for the places we inhabit. Here are some recommendations for things that you can do to take care of the environment, at home and in your daily lives:

  • Reduce electricity consumption: turn off the lights and take advantage of natural light, replacing traditional light bulbs with LEDs. If you use an air conditioning unit, keep it at no less than 24°C, and check that all your electrical appliances work properly and aren’t wasting power.
  • Look after the water you use: a daily shower of just 10 minutes uses up to 200 liters of water, so try to reduce the time you’re in the shower as much as possible. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, and when washing up—only use water to rinse items.
  • Reduce the consumption of paper and plastics: avoid printing out documents unless these are necessary, and take your reusable or tupperware containers for a packed lunch when you eat at work.
  • Upgrade your choices to avoid plastics, if this is within your means, by purchasing options of plant origin, such as bamboo, etc., which are biodegradable.
  • Use different means of transport where possible: try taking public transport or bicycling to work or to the store, which will also improve your health.

By changing just a few habits, you too can do your bit to help care for the environment and the planet, which is our home.

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