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UOCRA-Techint E&C training program: Job Training

Published 10.3.2023

During this first stage, the initiative is for candidates from the community in Neuquén in Argentina, and is designed both to train participants in the technical skills required for industrial work and promote gender diversity.

Techint Engineering & Construction is working together with the UOCRA Foundation, (the Construction Workers’ Trade Union in Argentina on a program designed to foster the inclusion of people with little access to the skilled labor market, and promote gender diversity.

Jorge Pellegrini, Techint E&C Labor Relations Coordinator in the Neuquén Basin, explains that, “These are mixed and inclusive courses that, in addition to giving people the critical skills they need to perform technical tasks, aim to counter the effects of the gender gap. The idea is to include women in tasks traditionally undertaken by men, such as electrical assembly work. In addition, these training activities help us to spot talent, thus acting as a valuable source of skilled labor for the works that the company is developing in the Neuquén basin.”

An introductory course on Electrical Assembly was recently held within the framework of the program at the UOCRA Vocational Training Center (CFP No. 6), in the city of Neuquén, given by Carlos Tello, Superintendent of Electricity and Instruments for Techint E&C’s Southern Area. “Our participants were extremely enthusiastic and attentive, eager to learn new things. We were able to analyze the presence and importance of electrical assembly for all kinds of industrial projects. They’re taking structured classes oriented towards the commercial-domestic sector, so my job is to tell them more about construction work,” highlights the tutor.

The goal is to continue giving courses focused on the industrial sector, such as piping and welding, which the Company will continue to coordinate together with the UOCRA Foundation.

The program also serves the purpose of strengthening relations with the Construction Workers’ Union, and the local community, underscoring the importance of values such as studying, effort, dedication and hard work.

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