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“For me, Techint’s been like a school!”

Published 28.4.2023

Anlliza Araya is in charge of General Services at the C20+ project, and before that she worked at other projects that the company has done in Chile. With a degree in Administration and Finance Engineering she’s quick to point out that a working atmosphere and the camaraderie of her colleagues make work very enjoyable.

As head of General Services at C20+, Anlliza Araya spends two weeks a month at the project underway to the south of Iquique, in northern Chile. She’s adamant that sharing living quarters with your work mates "contributes to camaraderie." In fact, what she values the most about her work is the continuous support she gets from her colleagues and management, even those working on other projects in other parts of the country. "Companionship is in Techint's DNA," sums up the Administration and Finance specialist from Santo Tomás University.

The C20+ project involves building a water pumping system all the way from the sea port of Patache, which lies some 80 km south of Iquique, up to Ujina, which is high in the mountain range where the Doña Inés de Collahuasi Mining Company has its operations. Anlliza, who started working there more than a year ago, recalls just how much of a challenge it was to get the project going from scratch.

Four years ago, Anlliza joined the company as a General Services administrator for the EWSE project, in the city of Antofagasta. Then she rotated through to TEPAM at the Logistics Center in Antofagasta, which functions as a strategic base for all the works being launched in the region. When she talks about her current assignment, she emphasizes how dynamic it is, as it includes both logistics and service certification.

The network of contacts that she’s created over the years is essential when it comes to solving something urgent. “There’s a lot of camaraderie,” she highlights and clarifies that she’s also available if someone needs her.

“Once I heard a boss say something along the lines of 'those who drink the Techint's KoolAid never want to stop drinking.' It’s true, because it’s a really united, strong team, and that nucleus of friendship allows us all to develop our know-how,” she explains. She adds that the sheer diversity of cultures and languages in the company greatly enriches her work, as, for instance, she interacts with Brazilians, Peruvians, Ecuadorians and Argentines, on a daily basis.

“For me Techint’s been like a school. I came to this company armed with only knowledge, and today, I feel that I’ve gained all these unique experiences. They’ve given me so many opportunities and I’ve learned from all the people I’ve met at the projects. Also, I must say that I’ve had some very good bosses,” she adds.

To those who have just joined the company, Anlliza recommends “picking up the Techint bug from other people!” She clarifies that, “Many of those who’ve been working at Techint for years have tons of charisma and knowledge and this multiplies throughout the company.”

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