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“Art complements my work life”

Published 19.4.2024

Fernando Echaiz is a civil engineer who’s been with Techint Engineering & Construction for 21 years. Painting is his way of staying grounded, a passion which has encouraged him to be more creative and find new approaches to solve things when dealing with challenges.


From Techint Engineering & Construction’s Operations and Contract Administration sector, Fernando Echaiz is involved in some of the company’s largest projects, including the recently completed Buena Ventura Wind Farm, in the province of Buenos Aires. However, in addition to a successful professional career, the civil engineer nurses a special passion for art, which brings him great satisfaction.

Fernando joined the company in 2003, just a few months before graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad del Sur in Bahía Blanca (province of Buenos Aires). He began his career at Ferroexpreso Pampeano (FEPSA) in the Operations area, and continued in Planning. After completing a postgraduate degree in Cost Control and Business Management at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), he joined the Technology area at Urban Services (TESUR), where he worked in the Commercial area.

“The path I’ve taken in the Techint Group has enriched me with a really varied work experience, both on construction sites and in the offices, as I’ve been able to learn from professionals with a lot of experience. I’ve also been able to develop a wide network of contacts and today I have many colleagues and friends throughout the company,” emphasizes Fernando as he takes stock of his career.

Adding a spot of color to the workspace

Fernando has always enjoyed drawing and painting, ever since he was a little boy, and a few years ago he decided to take painting classes, using oils and acrylics on canvas in the “figurative realism” style.

Through art, he’s achieved many objectives, from participating in competitions to designing music album covers, and even painting murals in the La Boca neighborhood, in the City of Buenos Aires. Although he hesitates to describe himself as a “plastic artist in the conventional sense,” it’s clear that painting is both a refuge and a constant source of inspiration in his life.

“I feel that art complements my work life, as they both require creativity and different approaches to solve the challenges that arise on a daily basis. People usually tends to say that engineers are ‘structured’, and this is usually true, which is why all activities that tend to ‘destructure’ one are so good. In my case, that’s painting, it keeps me grounded!” he states.

Fernando explains how hobbies such as art and sport can help to improve communication, foster greater empathy and strengthen trust within technical teams. “It’s always effective when it comes to achieving better results,” he says.

Fernando's story shows the importance of pursuing personal interests and how these can enrich professional lives.

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