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From assistant to engineer: a journey of determination and growth

Published 16.5.2024

Ranye Rodrigues joined Techint Engineering & Construction in 2014, rising within the company over the years, and making a name for himself in the Project Planning and Control area.


Ranye Rodrigues was born in Presidente Epitácio, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, where he spent most of his early childhood until his family moved to Piauí, more precisely to the city of Uruçuí. He grew up in the heart of a solid construction tradition, as his father and uncles all worked in construction companies, and Ranye absorbed the values of hard work and effort from a young age.

Moving to São Paulo at the age of 18 marked a turning point in his life. Coming from a town whose main business was agriculture, Ranye was looking to build him a future in a larger place. However, the financial and logistical difficulties of getting around this vast metropolis made his first attempts at higher education and employment quite a challenge. Unsure of which path to take, he tried out different learning paths, such as mechanics, environment and logistics, but each time ran into some obstacles that prevented him from progressing on his career journey.

However, Ranye was determined not to give up and took these challenges on the chin, constantly on the lookout for a chance to improve his situation, until he got his first job opportunity through a friend, working as a store assistant in Bairro Tatuapé.

After six months of store work, he moved to Campinas to live at his uncle’s house, as he got a job at the Viracopos airport, his first professional contact with daily life in the civil construction industry. After that, he moved to Cubatão, a decision that proved to be life changing.


Journey at Techint E&C

In 2014, Ranye was offered the chance to join Techint E&C and was initially hired as an assistant on a project in Cubatão where he soon demonstrated his potential and range of skills.

First, he started out on a minor project, where he was able to work alongside some outstanding Project Managers who gave him all the support he needed. His skill in handling electronic equipment and computerized processes caught the attention of his superiors, paving the way for him to take on increasingly greater responsibilities.

Then, the Techint E&C Planning team offered him the opportunity to work in the office, where Ranye acquired some crucial new skills, including how to use planning tools such as Excel. He quickly picked up an understanding of how the company's processes and productivity concepts worked. During his workday, he absorbed everything he could from his colleagues, and at home after work, he kept practicing, which meant that his performance and output improved quickly and visibly.

Over the years, Ranye has shown himself to be flexible and eager to learn, taking on various responsibilities in different positions and areas, from checking time reports to planning and reporting costs for large-scale projects, such as the S11D project in Carajás, in Pará.

In addition to his professional dedication, Ranye also invested in his education. When he was living in Piauí, he studied to be an Agroindustry Technician in 2013, at the same time as finishing high school. In 2018, he was accepted by Uninter, the college he’d always dreamed of attending, finally getting his degree in Production Engineering at the end of 2022. At the moment, he’s taking a postgraduate degree in Planning Engineering and Business Intelligence at the PUC Minas.

In the workplace, Ranye has performed a wide variety of roles, providing support to many different projects in areas ranging from planning issues to contract drafting and corporate matters. His openness to new experiences and willingness to get to know different people and places have been the main driving forces on his career path. He’s gone from helper to assistant to technician, and currently works in the area of Project Planning and Control (PyCP). Here, his efforts are focused on identifying opportunities for improvement at each project, always aimed at achieving the best possible results in operational terms.


Family and future

Outside the workplace, he had to handle a major loss in 2022, when his father Valdivino died, as he was a great inspiration to him. “My father was my best friend, my example.” This was a distressing time for Rayne, and he recalls the keen desire he felt at the time to forge an even closer bond with his mother, Ivanete, and brother, Ronalty, to share emotional support with them.

In his free time, Ranye likes to plan trips and adventures to explore new places, especially those in natural surroundings. He acknowledges the gratitude he feels for all the opportunities that Techint E&C has offered him, enabling him to visit different cities and states in Brazil.

As he looks back over his journey, Ranye is overcome with a mix of surprise and gratitude. When he left home, his expectations were pretty low, yet: “Over the last ten years, my personal and professional growth has been huge. At first, I was shy and didn’t have any great prospects. Today, I realize how much I’ve grown and all the great friends I’ve made. All the efforts I’ve made, all the challenges I’ve overcome, they’ve all been worth it,” says the engineer.

Looking to the future, he has some ambitious plans to continue moving upwards in the company, as he wants to reach positions in management and continue making a significant contribution to the projects.

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