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From Brazil to the world: new talent to tackle international challenges

Published 18.3.2024

With 55% of women taking part in the latest version, the company’s Young Professionals Program has attracted high-caliber male and female engineers from various parts of the country to work in Techint Engineering & Construction projects.


This year, Techint E&C in Brazil relaunched its Young Professionals Program (JPs in Spanish) following a demanding selection process that began in 2023 and attracted over 2,000 applicants. Nine engineers were selected, four men and five women, during a process that involved many different stages, including logical and verbal reasoning tests, English language assessments, interviews and group dynamics activities. The process also involved, for the first time, a visit to the Ternium plant, a project where Techint E&C is providing electromechanical assembly services to the Ternium Industrial Center in Rio de Janeiro.

After the selection process, the JPs began their personalized integration journey on February 5, ensuring they were fully exposed to all the different areas in the company. The first two weeks were all about the onboarding process at the headquarters in São Paulo, followed by another two weeks of training at the LTA-Ternium and MOA-Usiminas, providing practical, in-depth experience of project work.

Meeting between generations 

As a way of enhancing this process, the Human Resources area has been working with the generational pillar of the Diversity and Inclusion Program. They jointly organized an activity called “Generation Clash Analysis”, pivoting on a series of interviews and meetings with former company JPs. The outcome prompted a number of changes, including a visit to the LTA project, as a way of making sure that Techint’s “industrial DNA” was transmitted from the selection process onwards.

Alice Selegatto, a Civil Engineer from up-state São Paulo, has been assigned to work on the LTA project. She says that the selection process encouraged her to be more confident about moving from one state to another and tackling new challenges. “To be able to see what daily life is like at a project during the selection phase is very significant, it felt very human. I didn't feel like I was being evaluated by robots, and this made a positive impression on the experience from the very beginning.”

The company's new employees will be assigned to different destinations, enabling them to expand their knowledge of the company as a whole. Three of the engineers are on their way to the new Techint E&C contract in Mexico: Pesquería III, where the company has been tasked with the mission of building 48,160 cubic meters of civil works within 36 months. One other JP will travel to Chile to work in the Supply Chain area, and another four trainees will be working on projects in Brazil, in the areas of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE), and Planning, Management Control and Budgets.

Continuous growth and diversity

In Brazil, approximately 180 young professionals have already completed the program and in fact, 17% of the company's current leadership are former JPs. This new cohort, during the trainees’ next two years of training, will undergo a comprehensive range of development activities, including technical training, a mentoring program and exchanges between areas and projects, as well as opportunities to work in other countries and regular performance assessments.

“The program is a crucial element in our global training for young professionals, as it encourages innovation, diversifies their knowledge and experiences, and challenges them to express and fulfil their maximum potential,” explains Fabio Baretto, Human Resources Manager.

As in previous selection processes, Techint E&C has a global gender bias embedded in its Human Resources activities. In the trainee program, for every five candidates, three must be women, and for every three finalists shortlisted, at least one must be female. In recent years, the percentage of female trainees has risen from 20% in 2016 to 45% in 2020, and 55% in 2024.

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