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“Honesty, curiosity and questions can take you very far”

Published 25.3.2024

Julio Comoglio has every reason to celebrate, this year notching up 30 years of work at Techint Engineering & Construction. As a civil engineer and Project Manager of La Calera, his passion and his ability to adapt have enabled him to grow as a professional with no bounds to his development.


Julio Comoglio is the Project Manager at La Calera, this year celebrating three decades of experience at Techint E&C with his passion for the projects unaltered since his early days at the company. “Clearly, I love project work. I’ve been working onsite for the last 30 years, as I always wanted to build things,” he says with conviction.

A review of his work experience reveals the diversity of fields where this civil engineer has left his mark: Oil & Gas, energy projects, infrastructure works, such as dams and subways, and communications projects, among others.

From his first assignment at the La Mora compressor plant, in the south of Mendoza, to several works linked to mobile telephony in Argentina, as well as the Camisea project in Peru, Comoglio has continuously demonstrated his versatility and experience. His career also includes other large-scale projects in Argentina, such as the Río Colorado aqueduct in the province of La Pampa, and the Los Caracoles and Punta Negra hydroelectric complexes in the province of San Juan.

Throughout his journey from his birthplace in La Plata, there have been many moves, and Julio highlights the unconditional support he’s received from his wife and four children. He also says that one of the biggest challenges of his career was when he debuted as PM in the project to expand the H subway line in the City of Buenos Aires in 2014. “This was a really complex project where we were very exposed, but it concluded successfully and with an excellent relationship with the customer,” he recalls.

Currently, as PM in La Calera, Comoglio explains what he considers to be his greatest responsibilities. “Coordinating the work carried out by the different teams, making sure to bring out the best in each person and ensure that people accompany each other. Keeping everything in line with the program and budget while meeting safety and quality objectives as well as the customer’s goals.”


A long-standing relationship with Techint E&C

Julio's connection with the company dates back to his childhood, as his father spent 34 years working for the Techint Group. “I’ve known the Group ever since I was 8 years old, when I used to go to the Propulsora Siderúrgica summer camps with other employees’ children. Today, many of my friends are the children of former Techint employees,” he reminisces.

Julio always wanted to build things. “I remember asking my dad what form I should fill out to join the company, so I did it and they contacted me. I spent a whole year taking exams,” he recalls, adding that this wasn’t his first job, as at 18, he qualified as a master builder and spent some time carrying out odd jobs and home renovations.


Shared values and advice

Comoglio points out that Techint E&C allowed him to develop as a professional without any restrictions. “They never imposed any limits on my growth, I’ve had complete freedom to work. Furthermore, I’m fully on board with the company's values: responsibility, respect, honesty and freedom,” he emphasizes.

He acknowledges that there was plenty that he learned along the way. “I worked with all kinds of people on different projects, so I learned to be pragmatic and to be well disposed to change. We absolutely must be able to work with different cultures and take a multi-generational approach. These experiences strengthen us and help us learn new things,” he explains.

In this sense, he reflects that one of his strengths is that he’s not afraid to ask. “I have no problem grabbing some plans and saying that I don't understand what they mean. One must be humble and study. I’d like to tell young people that honesty, curiosity and asking questions will take them very far in life. Even today, I continue to study and read. For example, at the moment I’m learning about artificial intelligence,” he says.

Another aspect he highlights is the opportunity that Techint E&C gave him to train. For instance, he took a postgraduate degree in Project Management in 2008, and has since been involved in drawing up courses for Supervisors, as well as manuals and training materials in collaboration with the Human Resources department, for the Building Professionals and Development Forums programs.

A photography enthusiast, Julio explains that this hobby is what keeps him grounded when he’s on the worksite. “I’ve always taken photos of the projects I’ve been involved with. I dare say it’s quite challenging for professional photographers because those of us who are in the field have a builder's vision,” he confesses.

His advice to young people is that they should lose their fear of working on projects. “People who are really curious about things and want to tackle challenges should definitely be encouraged to travel to work at projects. They won’t be left alone, they’ll be working with other people as a team and they’ll get all the support they need. It’s incredibly rewarding to see what you once saw on paper come to life and take shape in the field,” he concludes.

Some pictures taken by Julio

Embalse Caracoles · at 1116 MI.

Punta Negra · 2022.

Subte · H.

Subte · H.

Subte H · Túnel Norte.

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