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SADDN: The 2nd Tocopilla suppliers workshop successfully held

Published 9.7.2024

Organized by Techint Engineering & Construction and Exiros, the event confirmed coordinated efforts around the Chilean project, with the local community playing a key role.


A recent gathering with suppliers and subcontractors from the Tocopilla district in Chile provided an opportunity to showcase part of Techint Group's supply chain process. It also served as a platform for exchanging information and strengthening relationships among the actors involved in the Desalinated Water Supply for the Northern District (SADDN) project.

The workshop featured six speakers and was attended by approximately 40 people from over 20 local supplier companies.

Additionally, training sessions were conducted on Exiros' purchasing channel and the Bidding Point technology tool, which enhances efficiency and transparency between the company and service providers. Topics related to certification and payment processes were also discussed.

“Given Techint E&C's ongoing efforts to deepen its engagement with local businesses, we decided to hold this workshop so that key project representatives and the Supply Chain Management team could directly interact with our local suppliers,” explained Rodrigo Larralde Campos, Deputy Project Director.


A meeting that empowers

Ignacio González Montory, Project Purchasing Manager and the event's moderator, remarked: “We are very satisfied with how the activity unfolded. It was enriching to have this opportunity to strengthen relationships with all participants and to clarify in-person any questions the suppliers had about our purchasing and payment processes.”

Hugo Salgado, Project Administration Manager, emphasized the importance of synergy between Techint E&C and the community: “Clear and regular communication not only facilitates understanding of needs and expectations but also strengthens trust and cooperation. We appreciate the participation and support provided by the Tocopilla residents who were part of the event.”

Similarly, Ezequiel Yasnig, Project Coordinator at Exiros, stated: “This event is a concrete demonstration of the value we offer to the Tocopilla community. The local suppliers had very high expectations when the project was awarded, and now they can see how those expectations are beginning to turn into reality.”

In addition to Larralde Campos, González Montory, Salgado and Yasnig, other speakers included Freddy Quezada, Project Human Resources Manager, Amanda Canales, Community Relations Specialist, and Omar Ferreyra, Vendor Analyst.

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