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Jaguaritica II: Progress at the Boa Vista Substation

Published 1.8.2020

This is a vital unit for the project as it will be receiving and distributing the energy generated in the plant throughout the state of Roraima.

In July 2020, work began at the construction site for the new Jaguaritica II thermoelectric project, in parallel with the expansion of the Boa Vista (RR) Substation, the unit which will be receiving the energy generated by the plant and distributing it throughout the Brazilian state of Roraima.

The Substation is an existing installation which forms part of the Eletrobras electricity generation and transmission system, and is already furnished with equipment to transmit and distribute energy. However, in Brazil, Roraima is the only state as yet not connected to the grid, known as the National Interconnected System (SIN).

In addition to supplying much of the state's demand for power, the Jaguaritica II joint venture will significantly reduce the pollutant emissions produced by diesel oil, which is currently the main source of fuel for generation.

The next few months will see the completion of the civil works, in addition to the electromechanical assembly of the yard equipment, and the connection of the Boa Vista Substation to the project's transmission line.

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