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The New Tenaris Plant in Bay City was Inaugurated

Published 10.1.2018

Techint E&C managed the construction of the greenfield monumental seamless pipe plant of TenarisBayCity, which was inaugurated on 11 December, in Texas, United States.

On 11 December, the Tenaris plant in Bay City, Texas, was officially inaugurated. It is a unique plant of its kind that laminates pipes to supply the largest market in the world for oil and gas.

The construction took four years, it was managed by Techint Engineering & Construction, and it was conducted with a special safety performance. It will have the capacity of producing 600 thousand tons of OCTG products, a fundamental part of Tenaris's strategy for providing services at request for shales.

With an extension of more than 100,000 square meters, the plant contains thousands of tons of equipment for the production of pipes with a carefully calculated operation and distribution to optimize the safety and efficiency of the system through the use of technology and automation.

Having entered the North American market with this project enables Techint E&C to achieve a great position and to have a new learning that can capitalize on future projects there as well as in other latitudes.


4 years was the time that the construction took, led by Techint E&C (2013-2017).

1,500 people was the peak of workers involved in the construction of the plant.

From 114.3 to 244.5 mm in diameter and 5.7 to 25.4 mm in thickness is the range of sizes of the pipes that the plant will produce.

600,000 tons per year of OCTG products.

1.8 thousand million dollars were invested in the Tenaris BayCity plant.

600 direct jobs generated by the plant.

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