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New Logistics Center in Antofagasta, Chile.

Published 22.3.2021

The Antofagasta Region in Chile is home to an extraordinary bounty of natural resources, the heart of the country’s mining developments. 52% of Chile’s copper production is concentrated there, as are several projects to exploit nitrate and lithium in the Salar de Atacama, another critical source of resources in the country.

The growth trend looks set to rise as, according to the report "Projection of copper production in Chile 2018-2029", issued by the Chilean Copper Commission (Cochilco), Antofagasta will continue to be the leading copper producing region in 2029 with 3.7 million tons of fine copper.

This makes the region one of the leading mining poles in the world, and is why Techint Engineering & Construction decided to consolidate its presence there by locating its Logistics Center in Antofagasta to accompany large mining projects.

From Peru to Chile

Although the company has an Equipment Management Park in Antofagasta, it was not big enough to house a fully-equipped Logistics Center on the same premises, so they decided to build it on a 4.5-hectare property in the La Negra industrial district, home to the local headquarters of most of the large companies active in northern Chile.

The modular structure features offices and a warehouse, built integrally at the Techint E&C Logistics Center in Peru. Its design is such that the structures can be assembled anywhere, without the need for subsequent metalworking.

"It was developed under the concept of sustainable energy, as the design allows us to take advantage of natural sunlight with translucent roofing sheets, and electricity is supplied through solar panels," explains Fabian Pelaye, Manager of Supplies and Logistics of the Andean Area

The function of the Logistics Center is to help projects at the launch stage, as it offers space to house equipment, receive materials from suppliers, collect materials for works being completed, and re-equip them for the next assignment. "The facilities help to optimize times and reduce costs, which translates into better services for customers," says Pelaye.

The building is now fully assembled and complementary systems are being installed.

The process to secure the premises will be carried out in April, which is also when the blacksmith’s workshop and a space for testing welding and crushing machines will be set up.

The new project includes the replacement of 31 km of pipelines, corresponding to the transportation systems for Pulp, Recovered Water and Tailings, which will increase their useful life.

The climatic conditions, high altitude and the restrictions imposed by the pandemic are all challenges that will put the skills and professionalism of the company and its team to the test.

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