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New renewable energy project for FRESA

Published 10.11.2021

Techint Engineering & Construction will execute a study to analyze the biomass plant owned by its customer in the province of Corrientes, in Argentina.

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Techint E&C’s renewable energy capabilities and know-how continue to be sought after, this time for a detailed study at the Garruchos power plant run by the company FRESA, located in Gobernador Virasoro, in the Argentine province of Corrientes.

The company was selected to carry out this project due to its considerable experience in calculation and design for biomass plants, which use specific boilers to produce steam and generate electricity through a steam turbine.

The study will focus on the in-depth analysis and subsequent diagnosis of the plant’s current operations prior to evaluating options for optimization to enhance its energy production capabilities.

The project envisages joint work between the Techint E&C engineering teams in Seville and Buenos Aires, who will be performing thermodynamic simulations and checking each of the processes carried out at the plant, such as the main cooling system or biomass transport.

Albert Miller, Power Manager, pointed out that, “It’s essential for our customers, partners and suppliers to see Techint E&C as a company with global know-how in the area of innovative energy solutions. The company is slowly but surely moving towards greater sustainability thanks to the efforts and creativity of all its professionals, becoming more technologically diverse and greener.”

What is biomass?

Biomass is renewable organic matter from plants and animals, specifically the biodegradable fraction of these, including residues and waste from agricultural activities as well as industrial, municipal and processing waste. This organic matter can be used as an energy source for transportation and electricity generation, as it is a renewable, neutral fuel in terms of CO2 emissions. Biomass is pitched to play a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, helping to reduce the impact of climate change.

Hernan Milberg, Project Bid Manager, commented that, "this study positions Techint E&C as a dependable supplier of engineering services for energy transition projects, particularly in the area of biomass, in a world that for the last two years has been investing increasing amounts of resources in reducing carbon emissions.


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