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TenLock® at Agua Salada

Published 26.11.2021

For the first time in its history, Techint E&C is using TenLock® technology at the Agua Salada field in Rio Negro to lay pipelines. Watch the video to see live footage of the work to build the flowline lines using this groundbreaking technology.

A month ago, we announced our next use of TenLock® technology, the result of coordinated work between Tenaris, Tecpetrol and Techint E&C. Today, to our great satisfaction, we are seeing the fruits of this joint exercise in contributing knowledge and articulating synergies. "At Tecpetrol, we began by validating Tenaris's technical proposal; we put our money on innovative technology and coordinated the pilot initiatives to build the first pipelines," explained Juan Cruz Corres, then head of Facilities. José Ignacio Ibarra, Techint E&C Pipeline Work Manager at Agua Salada, added at the time that, “We leveraged our experience in the field to deploy the new technology incorporated by Tenaris, with a view to expanding the use of this tool in the market. We’re integrating all the stages of flowline construction, ranging from pipe supply to assembling the flowlines, ensuring greater speed throughout the process, always commensurate with the high technical standards that are a feature of our work."

TenLock® is a Tenaris technology based on a new pipe coupling system that is different to traditional welding as it also simplifies pipeline construction. The new technology minimizes the likelihood of pipe failure, requires fewer personnel in the field, and significantly speeds up the time taken to install pipelines. Traditional pipe coupling methods involve a four-step welding process: preparing pipe bevels, alignment, welding and associated non-destructive testing. Now, using the TenLockTM system, these stages have been reduced to two: alignment and mechanical coupling. However, traditional welding is not entirely out of the picture, as there are still specific points on the pipeline where the technique continues to be necessary, such as interconnections, special crossings and connections.

The tubes arrive at the site from the Tenaris plant with their ends already modified (PIN and BOX) as they have been prepared employing a controlled process that leaves the pipe ready to be used. This new technology makes field operations considerably easier, as only one piece of equipment is required to join the pipes, using clamps and hydraulic pressure.

Tenaris’s innovative technology opens up a range of new business opportunities: according to Nicolás Bernini, commercial manager of the pipeline area for Tenaris Argentina, "it’s clear that this model can be replicated in other areas and in other fields. And it will contribute to the development of Vaca Muerta, with all the attendant implications for the future of the country's energy sector as a whole."

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