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The new Legho modules have arrived at Techint E&C

Published 25.11.2022

These innovative modules optimize space, reduce transportation costs and speed up procedures. Watch the video to find out all about this latest initiative. 

Innovation is going from strength to strength at Techint E&C, thanks to the initiative of the company’s employees in different areas and countries. On this occasion, Daniel Campos, Operations Assistant at the Peru Logistics Center, came up with the idea of assembling containers for offices or rooms by using Legho flat-pack-type modules.

The construction work is divided into three stages: metalwork, painting and finishing. The metalwork stage is about producing the frame which then goes to the painting area, and finally to the finishing area, where the panels are inset, the windows fitted and the flooring laid. At the end of the process, the module returns to the painting area where the sealants are applied and other details added, such as the company logo.

“Before, when we had to transport two six-meter containers, we could only fit two on one truck at a time. Now, we can load twelve onto one truck, even though they’re the same size. This means we can cut transportation costs,” explains Fabian Pelaye, Logistics Manager in the Andean Region.

The C20 project in Chile was the first site to receive these modules. For Carlos Zani, Logistics Manager, the Legho modules are a major improvement because they optimize space and transportation and standardize procedures. “As we get more familiar with these products, principally by participating in their assembly, our professionals come to us with suggestions for innovation. This prompts us to think that, in the future, all the logistics we’re carrying out today to assemble facilities in preparation for the electrical and hydraulic parts may also come included.”

As Daniel Campos says, "we have done something truly innovative, but our approach is that things can always continue to improve." That's the attitude that characterizes Techint E&C employees through and through!

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