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“It’s amazing to see that what you once did on paper can become reality!”

Published 20.7.2022

Victoria is a chemical engineer at the Ensenada-Barragan Thermal Power Plant project, in Argentina. Today, she tells us about her experience working in the field.

Victoria Weisburd Von Kotsch is 26 years old and a Chemical Engineering graduate from the University of La Plata, her hometown, in 2019. When she was at school she loved physics, chemistry and mathematics, which is why she carefully researched her options before deciding on a university degree. “I went for engineering because I really liked the idea of building things on a large scale. And I preferred industry to work in the lab, which is usually where someone who studies Chemistry is expected to go.”

Victoria joined Techint E&C two years ago through the Young Professionals program, and started work in the Process Engineering area. Since March 2022, she’s been at the Ensenada Barragan Thermoelectric Power Plant project, thanks to the rotation that’s a key part of the program.

For her, “the most interesting thing about working on a project is seeing firsthand how something that you designed on paper comes to life, and you can learn so much from this. For example, sometimes when you’re on the construction site, you realize that decisions were taken at the design stage that would have been better if they’d been made in another way. Being in the place where things happen gives you another perspective so you can apply continuous improvements.”

As for the Thermal Power Plant, she says that watching progress as the project develops is incredibly exciting and motivating. “I’m still getting used to being on site, but seeing how things progress helps you realize that what you design will end up being carried out. You’re part of the process to create this huge work that will contribute to better power supply throughout an entire province. It's amazing and also enormously satisfying to see that what you did on paper can become a reality. Nothing compares to that!"

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