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Published 19.7.2023

Techint E&C took part in HxGN LIVE Global 2023, a global exhibition organized by the leading software engineering and design company Hexagon. The objective was to find out about all the latest trends and innovative solutions in the market with a view to seeing which ones could be applied in the company.


The flagship software design conference HxGN Live Global 2023 was held from June 12 to 15 in Las Vegas, United States. Six Techint E&C professionals traveled there to participate in an event attracting some of the leading technology companies from around the world to discuss ideas, exchange experiences and share good practices. Focused on the use of software design used in Engineering, the idea was to see how to be better prepared as an industry to adjust to market changes and meet new customer demands.

HxGN Live was organized jointly by the Hexagon AB group and its Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division, which develops and provides technological solutions to help clients design, construct, and operate more profitable, safe, and sustainable industrial facilities, focusing on the Engineering, Procurement and Construction cycle, as well as the role of Owner operators in the life cycle of a plant. "These are the people who define how and in which direction products are going to evolve, based on market needs," explains Lucio Mandrafina, from the Instrumentation and Control team.

The conference brings together global companies such as Fluor, Bechtel, Worley Parsons, Jacobs, Petrobras, Exxon, Technip, Chevron, Petronas, Vale, Linde and ENI, among others.

“Today we are seeing more and more customers requesting and specifying data requirements and 3D modeling so that when they receive the built plant, they also have access to a digital twin that is very useful for operations, maintenance, or any subsequent modifications,” points out Guillermo Gálvez, from the Engineering Systems department.

According to Guillermo, projects are becoming increasingly complex, prompting EPC firms to focus on optimizing processes to achieve the same or better quality, creating new requirements for work to control (such as Advanced Work Packaging - AWP). There are also new developments in benchmarking, including using laser scanning vs. 3D Modeling, and new ways to specify and exchange data with customers, partners and suppliers.

This creates fresh challenges, such as the need to adjust workflows, build greater capacities in work teams, generate new ideas and incorporate new technologies to enable data creation, maintenance and transfer while ensuring traceability and consistency with blueprints and quality standards.

For Guido Martino, Piping Corporate Design Manager, “as a company, we are moving towards achieving greater integration between all the areas, disciplines and tools involved in a project’s life cycle.”

Accordingly, “one of the things we were able to verify is that the integrated work we’re carrying out at the new Dos Bocas Refinery comes in above the general standard of work performed, even at projects being carried out by some of the market leaders,” stated Martín Varela, Engineering Systems team.

At the event in Las Vegas, participants were able to hold technical user meetings, interacting with business partners and Hexagon experts to explore the latest in innovative products and roadmaps, as well as to share concerns and discuss specific needs. “We’ve been able to include Techint E&C in working groups developing new versions of products, which will allow us to access advice, exclusive resources and materials, and be involved in providing feedback.”

“The event was an opportunity to meet the developers of the tool we’re using in the Electricity and Instrumentation department," reports Walter Mosteikis, adding that, "It was a truly enriching experience at both personal and professional levels.”

During the conferences, Lucio Mandrafina observed the strength of the collaboration network developed among professionals, regardless of which company they belong to, where the focus is on sharing problems and solutions. “It’s critically important to continue participating in these events so that we can make the most of the know-how available.”

For Alejandro Durante from the Engineering team, “we’re seeing a major cultural shift unfolding when it comes to digital transformation, driven primarily by customer needs. At this type of event, we can reconfirm the direction being taken by industry trends regarding the value of the information created at the Engineering stage, as well as plant Operation and Maintenance, and check on the current status of the tools that we are adopting as a company. Although we are keeping up with market demands, we envisage in the coming years that we will have to work hard to anticipate these trends and stay ahead of the curve, adapting our internal processes and incorporating all the technology at our disposal.”

According to Guido Martino, Techint E&C is well prepared for what is to come, as, “We have all the resources and tools we need at our disposal, so if we put our mind to it, we can achieve the same level as the top-of-the-range companies in the industry.”

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