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Dos Bocas Refinery: A step further towards energy sovereignty

Published 7.9.2023

Deploying international logistics and furnished with the latest in technological innovations, the Pemex refinery in Paraíso is being complemented with a Cogeneration Plant which will supply electricity to all the project.


Over the last couple of years, the municipality of Paraíso, Tabasco, has undergone a complete transformation thanks to the construction of the country’s most important work of the last four decades: the Dos Bocas Refinery, where Techint Engineering & Construction is building some of the key facilities.

At this megaproject, the company has been tasked with the construction of five plants: the Sour Water Stripper, the Amine Regeneration Unit, the Effluent Treatment Plant, the Water Pretreatment Plant and the Electric Cogeneration Plant that will produce 340 MW.

“Our contract is to build the facilities that will provide the processes with pre-treatment water, demineralized water and electricity. We will be generating enough electricity here, at the Cogeneration Plant, to power the entire refinery,” comments Víctor Sandoval, Construction Manager at the Cogeneration Plant.

For the construction of this project, Techint E&C reached out to its network to deploy logistics at an international level. “We’ve purchased materials from several different countries in addition to Mexico, as we’ve brought in equipment from China, Korea, Germany, Belgium, the United States, Argentina and Brazil,” details Matías Pagano, Project Supply Manager.

Additionally, to tackle this challenge, the Engineering team was expanded to include Mexican engineers as well as specialists from Argentina and India, who worked in coordinated fashion despite the time zone differences.


Driving innovation

Several cutting-edge technological innovations have been introduced and implemented at the Dos Bocas project, including “handheld devices that employ digital applications for operations such as temperature measurements, attendance checks and fuel controls,” shares Karla Soto, Head of Systems at the Cogeneration Project.

“We’ve been using drones at several of the plants to gather and deliver valuable information to management as well as to other areas and also to our customer,” says Moses Guerrero, who’s a Systems Technician.

With the construction of the Dos Bocas Refinery, the company is contributing to Mexico's energy sovereignty and enabling its employees to enrich their know-how. “The experience we are gaining from this project will help us to be better at what we do,” added Karla Soto.

Check out the video to see how the company tackled this challenge!

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