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Five years with no accidents in Shushufindi, Ecuador

Published 20.1.2023

CPP-Techint E&C has notched up a full five years without any lost-day accidents at its project in Shushufindi. The reasons for this achievement? A preventive culture, buttressed by operational discipline and rigorous procedures.

In Ecuador, CPP-Techint E&C is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its contract with the Shushufindi Consortium—as well as another major milestone, reflecting the efforts of everybody involved: five years with no lost-day accidents.

Marcos Cavalli, the manager of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) in the Andean Region, said that, "This achievement is the result of successfully applying operational discipline every single day and rigorously ensuring compliance with all procedures. We’ve worked hard to instill our corporate values throughout the operation, emphasizing the importance of working as a team with a common goal—prioritizing the safety and care of all our employees."

During these years, the company has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of QHSE issues among personnel as part of its mission to build a preventive culture. This has involved implementing different methodologies to reach each worker in the most practical and understandable way.

"Over these ten years, we have made a major contribution to the development of Shushufindi county and Sucumbíos province. This acknowledgement of our preventive work is an opportunity to reinforce our company’s number one value, which is safety, and celebrate the lives of each one of us and our families.” Julio César Suárez, General Manager of CPP.

The customer also shared their enthusiasm about the work: “Nothing is more important than a person’s life,” emphasized the Head of Facilities at the Shushufindi Consortium, Gabriel Tirira, who expressed his thanks to the CPP team “for the commitment to safety that you show every single day. We are sure that there will be many more years of these celebrations.”

According to Rafael Marchetti, Construction Manager at Shushufindi, this achievement represents a "confirmation of the huge joint effort made by all the functional areas which routinely share and enforce our safety values. This achievement is a special honor and privilege for all those involved."

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