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Techint Engineering & Construction expands its operations in the steel industry in Brasil

Published 14.4.2023

The Company will be providing electromechanical assembly services for the Ternium plant, a Techint Group company in Rio de Janeiro.

In March, Techint Engineering & Construction signed a contract with the Ternium steel mill which belongs to the Techint Group, to undertake electromechanical assembly services at its facilities in Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is a long-term contract that envisages a diversified scope of electromechanical assembly tasks.

Thiago de Oliveira, the Commercial Manager of Techint Engineering & Construction, explained that, "This is a very important contract for our company, which dovetails with our goal of growth in the Brazilian steel industry, and gives us the opportunity to expand our experience." The agreement signed by both companies has an expected duration of three years, and work has already begun on the mobilization, estimated to require some 300 people throughout the entire contract. "This new project with Ternium enables us to expand the services we’re providing to the steel industry," pointed out Guilherme Pires, General Manager of Techint E&C.

This is the Company’s third contract signed with Ternium in Brazil: the first, which concluded in 2022, was the PCI-Blast Furnace project, which expanded the steel mill’s output capacity by adding a Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) system to feed the blast furnaces. The second contract is still ongoing, a planning contract where the company is providing highly skilled labor to support Ternium with the development of technical studies for future investments.

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