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Techint Engineering & Construction deploys an innovative pipeline data management system

Published 6.7.2023

A new software is being pioneered by the Company at its Collahuasi project in Chile as a way of monitoring each part of the process to build the pipeline in detail.

With a focus on innovation, Techint E&C is rolling out the implementation of a new software at the project it’s undertaking for the Collahuasi mining company in Chile. The latest arrival on the scene is Pipetrak IT, a solution that enables the entire pipeline project, including materials traceability and construction, to be tracked, monitored, and managed on site.

"We’re using this system to manage all the processes: from opening up the right-of-way, clearing, pipe-stringing, trenching, welding, lowering and backfilling, to right-of-way restoration and grading," explains Raúl Lagomarsino, Support Analyst and Application Development at Techint E&C.

One of the great advantages offered by Pipetrak IT is that it enables the progress made by the Quality reports released for each phase and its activities to be followed in real time, as part of a common, simple access environment for all the different users at the project. “This means we have unique, accurate and reliable information to hand for daily decision-making. This enables continuous online monitoring and access to the status of inspections and tests at the different stages of pipeline construction and all the associated protocols, so that we can reduce or eliminate concerns, delays or the need to rework,” adds Gustavo Parrón, Quality Manager at the project.

At Collahuasi, the new tool makes it possible to monitor the entire length of the 195-km pipeline running from Puerto Patache, 80 km south of Iquique, to Ujina. “We use a viewing facility which is similar to Google Earth to visualize and monitor activities, and the reports produced provide us with detailed information on progress at each phase,” explains Harold Rojas, Project Traceability Manager.

The idea is to use Pipetrak IT to replace the CtrlSold system, a self-developed tool that has been in use for over 20 years and has always provided good results in pipeline monitoring. But, it doesn’t offer a mobile module and the ability to integrate seamlessly with the company’s integrated management system (GIS, in Spanish). Unlike CtrlSold, Pipetrak IT is paperless, as people use standard mobile devices and information is stored and managed from the cloud.

The tool is very user-friendly, and its interface has been especially designed for in-field use. This enables supervisors, inspectors and superintendents to make quick and informed decisions based on the reports.

Techint E&C adopted this tool in line with its ongoing commitment to technological excellence and innovation, with the purpose of improving precision in quality inspections and daily controls at Collahuasi as well as other projects. In the long term, the company will continue to leverage and expand the use of Pipetrak IT at its other works.

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