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Techint Engineering & Construction renews its contract with Tenaris BayCity

Published 23.5.2023

This is a new two-year maintenance services contract for Tenaris's Bay City facilities in Texas, which consolidates Techint E&C’s presence and scope of work in the United States.

For the first time, Techint E&C and Tenaris have signed off on a two-year commercial agreement in the United States to provide mechanical and electrical labor services, as well as supervision, for Tenaris’s BayCity facilities.

“This is the first two-year maintenance contract we’ve won in the United States. It’s key for us as it consolidates our presence in the area and allows us to lay the foundations for future growth in the country," said Pablo Arena, Project Manager.


REX Conroe · Team

He added that the previous contract with Tenaris for its BayCity facilities had been for one year only. “We were only able to achieve this two-year renewal thanks to the quality service provided by our team to this customer, which has enabled us to build a relationship of trust with them," said Pablo Arena.

The scope of the contract covers the provision of Maintenance services to meet needs at the TenarisBayCity plant, including emergencies and scheduled shutdowns. However, the hard work continues with the goal of getting the contract renewed for the other plants in the Houston area as well.

The maintenance and repairs shutdown challenge

One the projects that has cemented Techint E&C's relationship with Tenaris in the United States is the completion of the recent repair and maintenance shutdowns at the company’s facilities in BayTown and Conroe.

In February, over 100 workers were involved in the Tenaris BayTown plant shutdown, totaling 12,783 labor-hours. In April, some 70 members of the Techint E&C team joined the shutdown exercise carried out at Tenaris Conroe, totaling some 4,400 labor-hours.

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“The challenge we face with these shutdowns is making sure we stick to the schedule, which is extremely tight, as the customer has to completely halt production. Our priority is to get the plant back up and running as soon as possible. We provided start-up assistance with 24-hour shifts to ensure there were no accidents or incidents during these shutdowns," explained Franco Rucci, Senior Project Engineer.

Antonio Garcia, Contract Coordinator, added that, “the results we’ve obtained in Safety, given how new these contracts are in the United States, represent a considerable milestone. The good work our team has done means that, after a year with a pretty good performance bolstered by outstanding customer service, we were awarded a contract for another two years in Bay City.”

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