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“Welding has become a real passion of mine!”

Published 9.11.2023

Now working as an Argon Welder at the Dos Bocas project, Daniel Cornú studied biology at university and even entertained thoughts of leaving Mexico. However, today, he is a digital influencer in the world of welding.


Jorge Daniel Cornú García is 32, a dynamic and proactive young man who gives his all to his job as an argon welder in the Amine Regeneration Unit at the Dos Bocas Refinery project in Tabasco.

A fluent English speaker, Daniel’s first love was biology, and he even completed a degree course in this subject. His intention was to leave the country in search of employment, specifically to Canada, a place he’d already visited… but instead, he found a job vacancy as a welder and took a decision that would change his entire life.

Today, Daniel not only teaches the techniques he has refined in person, he also likes to share his extensive welding knowledge on social networks. Known as the “welder influencer” from Dos Bocas, he tends to upload videos in which he can be seen welding to the rhythm of different rock tunes, on Facebook and Instagram. His videos have clocked up more than 1.2 thousand views on Facebook and he has over 600 followers.

His welding supervisor Edilberto Martínez is very positive about Daniel's work, and clearly feels extremely satisfied with his performance: “This lad is highly committed to his work, you can always count on him for any activity. As well as the fact that his work is of an excellent standard, I fully trust the quality of his welding, and that’s why I assign special tasks to him, which I know he will perform with scrupulous attention to detail and a high standard of professionalism.”

In an interview Daniel Cornú explains how his life took a 180° turn after he completed the welding course, at the time of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. He shares how he’s widely considered one of the best welders at the Amine Unit today.

Daniel, tell us what you did after taking the welding course in Veracruz?

I’d originally intended to go to Canada, which is why I took the course. However, that was when COVID-19 happened in Mexico and everything just stopped in its tracks, including all contracts for Canada. So, I missed the chance to leave the country.

How did you join the Techint Engineering & Construction team?

I didn't have a job and everything was on hold due to the pandemic, but I found out on social networks that Techint E&C was hiring welders for the Dos Bocas Refinery. I sent them my papers, took and passed all the tests, and have been working on this project ever since then, for the last two years, rotating through different plants.

What’s different about your work?

I’m really fascinated by welding, I can honestly say that I’ve developed a total love for this profession, and I’m passionate about mastering the technique. It wasn’t easy, and I learned along the way from other colleagues. I also look online for tutorials and I am always acquiring new knowledge. There are lots of videos of foreign welders, and thanks to my English it’s been relatively easy for me to understand them and start to apply their techniques here. I really enjoy researching things, something I learned to do when I was studying biology, and today I always try to learn and prepare myself more whenever I get the chance.

What’s been your toughest experience?

I think the most difficult situation has been welding pipes underground, where there’s so little space. Temperatures are really high, as much due to the weather conditions as to the heat generated by the welding itself. Furthermore, it’s all so cramped that you can’t reach certain places on the pipe. That's where I had to learn to solder with both hands.

What does your family think about the change you made from biologist to Argon welder?

My family has unconditionally supported me in all my decisions, they always told me to follow my dreams and do whatever inspired me. In this case, welding has become my passion, I love it! I set challenges for myself to overcome, and I don't stop until I achieve them. That’s the way it is, as every day, I work to perfect my welding techniques, because I genuinely strive to be better at what I do, and I put a lot of effort into that. If there’s something I’m doing wrong, I practice it until I can get it right.

What do you think about teaching your techniques to colleagues?

I’m definitely in favor of teaching, I already have two students at the moment and I try to share my knowledge with others as much as possible. Basically, if people ask me, I will gladly teach them. The only thing is that they must commit to learning the technique properly and practice.

Do you want to see one of Daniel Cornú's videos? Click here:

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