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A career dedicated to the environment

Published 8.7.2024

Over nearly 20 years, biologist Verónica Márquez has coordinated the environmental sector of numerous projects at Techint Engineering & Construction. The most recent of these is SEE Veracruz Norte.


For almost two decades, Verónica Márquez, an Environmental Specialist and graduate of the Autonomous Metropolitan University, has been able to grow both professionally and personally: she has built a career within Techint Engineering & Construction while also being a mother of two.

Born in Mexico City, the biologist had the opportunity to live in various cities, working in different states across the country for more than 17 years.

How did your journey at Techint E&C begin?

My journey at Techint began in 2004 with the Patios de Ceniza Triangular Zone project in Petacalco, Guerrero, for the client CFE. Since then, I have been involved in various projects: the LNG Regasification Terminal (ECA) in Costa Azul, the expansion of Unit 7 at the Plutarco Elías Calles Thermal Power Plant, Transmission Line 1125, the Mexico City Headquarters, Tamazunchale Compression Station, Pesquería Thermal Power Plant in Nuevo León, Altamira Compression Station, Extraordinary Repair (REX) at Tenaris TAMSA, CARBONSER, and currently, SEE Veracruz Norte.


What has been the most fulfilling work experience in these 20 years?

Working hand-in-hand with different disciplines to deliver a project to a client, making decisions, and seeing the fulfillment of environmental commitments. Planting a seed that says we did things right, being remembered over the years for your work, for those trees that have grown, the gardens that have flourished, the achievement of building certifications, the amount of recycled waste, and the proper use of water. That is the satisfaction I take from these projects.

What are the main changes you have faced within the company?

I am currently working on my eleventh project and remember how they were when I started. Each one is different, and as time goes by, the requirements become increasingly complex. Therefore, contractual and legal compliances have to be reassessed.

The projects have undergone a metamorphosis, maturing and formalizing past experiences, along with the adoption of current technology. I have always been in the Environmental area. Every project, even in the same station, has its unique characteristics, new documents, environmental permits, or contractual compliances that distinguish one from another.


Significant changes...

Our system has changed and preventive tools have evolved. There are new certifications and compliances that lead us to new ways of approaching each project we undertake.

What do you consider the most challenging moment?

Professionally, without a doubt, Veracruz Norte is a great challenge and commitment in terms of environmental compliance. This project was especially designed with environmental care in mind, including river crossings using HDD to avoid damaging mangroves and the DPI.


Any other highlights?

Drilling towards the sea, the flora rescue program, setting up nurseries to house recovered species and then returning them to their original locations, land use changes, water consumption management and logistics, and waste management logistics with ASEA permits, to name a few.

In a few words, how would you define Techint?

My career and activities are my passion. I love doing what I do.

Techint is my second home, where I share experiences and knowledge and have formed great friendships.

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