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Published 24.6.2024

Techint Engineering and Construction will provide services at Minera Centinela’s Copper Concentrate Plant. The company last engaged in a similar O&M project in the country in 2017.


In April this year, Techint Engineering and Construction signed a five-year contract with Minera Centinela (MCEN) to provide mechanical maintenance services for the copper concentrate plant at the mine, which lies 180 km from Antofagasta and 100 km from Calama, in the commune of Sierra Gorda. The objective is to ensure that the customer’s assets are kept in peak operating condition.

“This is the first project we have carried out for O&M (operations and maintenance) Management in Chile since 2017, when we concluded the contract for the provision of similar services to Minera Escondida. This new project will enable to strengthen our industrial presence in the country,” explained Waldo Molina, O&M Services Manager.

For the provision of the service, a team of 138 base employees will be involved over the 60-month period. Additionally, workers will be incorporated for specific major maintenance campaigns, which could temporarily increase the workforce to a peak of up to 250 people.

About Minera Centinela

MCEN is a producer of copper and molybdenum concentrates, owned by the mining group Antofagasta Minerals. Its processes include Crushing, Primary and Secondary Milling, Pebble Crushing, Flotation, Regrinding, Thickening, Molybdenum Plant, Concentrate Pipeline, and Tailings management.

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