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Brazil: President of Petrobras highlights success achieved by P-76 over its five years of operation

Published 17.4.2024

The floating production and storage platform built by Techint Engineering & Construction is contributing to the country’s sustainable development and is setting an example by employing a local workforce in large-scale projects.


Jean Paul Prates, president of the state-owned company Petrobras, expressed his recognition for the performance of the P-76 platform, a project developed by Techint Engineering & Construction.

“Congratulations on hitting the five-year operating mark of our most efficient oil production platform, an achievement confirmed in 2023 by the ANP ranking. These are five years where many challenges have been overcome and much wealth has been generated for Brazil. May 2024 bring as many outstanding results,” declared Prates in a video.

The P-76 is not only an emblematic achievement for its production capacity, but also a symbol of the potential of the Brazilian naval industry. Since its launch, the platform has been held up as an example of success in integrating the local workforce into large-scale projects, contributing to the country’s sustainable development.


Efficiency and productivity

The construction of the platform, carried out between 2014 and 2018, in Pontal do Paraná (PR), involved 5,000 professionals and achieved a local content rate of 70%. Operating out in the Campos Basin, the platform quickly became a symbol of efficiency, after reaching production levels of 150,000 barrels of oil per day in less than eight months since it began operations in 2019.

“We’re very proud of our ability to carry out projects that contribute to the development of infrastructure and industry in the country. The P-76 is a shining example, one of our greatest triumphs. A giant of the oceans, whose productivity is only rivalled by its size, enabling us to invest more in local content, leading to even more effective results for Brazil,” said Thiago de Oliveira, Business Development Director of Techint Brazil.

Guilherme Mello, President of Techint E&C Brazil, highlighted the challenges faced by the team during the construction of the P-76, and drew attention in particular to the complexity of the M9 module, which includes the production manifolds. “These are very high pressure pipes made of noble materials. The work must be done with millimeter precision, as there is no room for error with these sorts of valves. We have greatly automated the prefabrication and welding process to ensure this,” he pointed out

In addition to enhancing oil production output, the P-76 has also played a crucial role in advancing Brazil's economic and social development. The construction phase created more than 9,400 direct jobs and helped to train over 1,500 professionals in the oil and gas market.

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