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Dos Bocas Refinery: an energy revolution and a testament to a major collective effort

Published 27.2.2024

This project threw up many challenges for the Techint Engineering & Construction team throughout the construction phases. Now it’s at the testing stage.


The construction and commissioning of the five plants making up part of the Dos Bocas Refinery complex in Tabasco is one of the greatest challenges that the Techint E&C team in Mexico has ever tackled. Today, at the trial stage, the project is about to join the company’s list of tests successfully passed.

Some 6,700 employees worked together on the team to make this complex project a reality, now at the final stages of testing.

The Dos Bocas Refinery is one of the most emblematic infrastructure projects ever to be developed in Mexico over the last 40 years. “The greatest challenge for us has been completing a project of this size in the short timeframe set,” explained Juan Manuel Pineda, Project Director.


A transformative project

Almost 9,000 tons of metal structures, over 129,000 cubic meters of concrete, around 17,000 tons of mechanical equipment, and 2,000,000 linear meters of wiring, were installed in this historical project, an enterprise that has left its mark on the lives of every single one of the 35,000 people who’ve participated.

“For all those of us who worked on the Dos Bocas Refinery project, there’s a before and after. It’s an emblematic work both for the organization and the country,” stated Israel Escárcega, the on-site QHSE Manager.

Like most of his colleagues, Israel had to deal with the challenges of being “far from home and having to work in this climate where the average temperature hovers around 40 degrees with very high humidity.” However, Israel acknowledged that this project “has transformed me at a professional level.”

Felisa Bautista, Operations Sr. Analyst, said that, “at this point in my career, I’m extremely proud of what I’ve achieved, as a woman, as a professional and as a young person. I feel that I’m contributing with something really important to my career path, to my company and to my country… My great passion has always been to build a plant, not operate it.”

Pineda commented that their ability to overcome this challenge was only possible because of the effort and commitment of all those involved. “Having been able to work alongside such a professional and dedicated team is worthy of all my respect, and I thank them all,” he added.

The Dos Bocas Refinery will enable over 350,000 barrels of gasoline and petroleum derivatives to be processed, endowing the country with energy sovereignty for the next 100 years.

Watch the video below for more information!

We also invite you to relive the start-up ceremony at the Dos Bocas Refinery:

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