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Education and excellence: presenting the Roberto Rocca Scholarships

Published 11.1.2024

In the company’s most recent ceremony to celebrate young talent, Techint Engineering & Construction presented the Roberto Rocca Scholarships to high-school students in Argentina and Ecuador and to university students in Chile and Peru. The recipients are young people who stand out among their peers for the standard of their academic performance at their respective educational establishments.


Techint E&C has just presented the latest round of Roberto Rocca Scholarships, financial support for young people as part of a program designed not only to foster equal opportunities, but also to actively contribute to community development in the regions where the company operates. This initiative aims to level the playing field, ensuring that all individuals have equitable access to educational resources and opportunities.

In Argentina, 31 students from different secondary schools in the communities of Gral. Pacheco, Argentina, received the award at an event held at the company’s Machinery Park (TEPAM) located in this district. The event was chaired by Chief Human Resources Officer Guillermo Farall and Pablo Castelnuovo, Talent & Compensation Sr. Director. Also present was Guillermina Micheli, a Concrete Design Engineer at the Buena Ventura Wind Farm, who spoke about her career to those present.

“These events are tremendously important as they’re an opportunity for us to acknowledge the efforts made by these young people to further their education, an issue that is crucial for us,” emphasized Farall.

“We’re delighted to be able to accompany so many young people and their families in their process of personal and professional development and growth. Education is a vital pillar for Techint E&C and we place enormous value on the efforts made by each of the students,” added Castelnuovo.

The program in Ecuador, Chile and Peru

Since 2021, Techint E&C has been running the Roberto Rocca Scholarships program for university students in Chile and Peru, as well as for high-school students in Ecuador. In 2023, 12 new scholarships were awarded in Chile to engineering students: five from the University of Chile and seven from the University of Antofagasta. In total so far, the company has awarded 11 scholarships to students at the University of Chile and ten at the University of Antofagasta.

In Peru, five new scholarships were awarded to students from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, reaching a total of ten assigned so far. Finally, in Ecuador, 80 scholarships were awarded to first and second-year high school students from seven different educational establishments in the communities where the company is undertaking projects. These awards join the 50 scholarships previously awarded in 2022.

October and November saw the award presentation ceremonies rolled out in Chile and Peru. Tania Burstein, Community Relations Expert of the Andean Area, was present at both of these. “It’s an incredibly enriching experience in every sense, as these award initiatives strengthen our relationship with universities and with young graduate engineers—and they also help to boost our reputation in the academic sphere and industrial environment,” she said.

The event at the University of Chile also featured two keynote speakers from the company: James Burns, Business Development Manager, and Natalia Palma, Civil Design Principal, who talked about the challenges of Engineering in this industry and recounted their experiences at some of the company’s projects. Held in tandem with this event was the scholarship award ceremony held at the University of Antofagasta on October 18.

“The most important thing about this was not just the scholarships, but the fact that these are meant to support them in their quest for academic excellence, which links in with their future mission to give back to their community,” explained Oscar Navas, Business Development Director of the Andean Area, in Perú.

“During the discussion, we covered the soft skills that future professionals need to develop throughout their career, such as effective communication, leadership and teamwork, and the differences having these will make in both their professional and personal lives,” added Navas.

Rosa Tinoco, who is a Pipeline Design Manager from the Andean Area, said that, “The experience was really special, as we felt very close to our scholars and were able to explain to them what we do at Techint E&C. Obviously, this is about the scholarship program, but the most valuable thing about it all was telling them what an engineer actually does in our industry.”

Dante Rojas Ávila, a 7th year Civil Engineering student, added that, “I feel extremely lucky as opportunities like this don’t always come up, and that means we have to try much harder. I also had the opportunity to meet many people who will inspire my career as a Civil Engineer. My mind has been expanded, and I broadened my perspective of the workplace through working at Techint E&C because it’s all about overcoming diverse challenges—and I love challenges!” he said.

Congratulations to everyone who received a scholarship for their effort and commitment to their studies!

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