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Engineering and music: twin engines of inspiration

Published 1.7.2024

Morena Borello is a young professional working in the Processes area. She balances her work at the company with the art of composing melodies and songs.


Morena Borello began her career at Techint Engineering & Construction in 2021 as a young professional in the Processes area, working as a Process Design Engineer for projects in various countries. And she’s also a musician with her very own band!

“What surprised me most when I joined the company was having to apply all the things I had studied in theory at university to giant real-life projects. I had some pretty exciting challenges to overcome from the word go!” recalls Morena.

One of those challenges was to design settling pools and automatic venting valves to pump seawater from the Punta Rabo de Ballena sector to the future facilities associated with the Pampa Orcoma project, located in Huara, Chile.

Subsequently, she joined the Puesto Parada team in Argentina, where she took on the challenge of designing process equipment, auxiliary systems, pipes and pressure relief valves. This experience prepared her for the work she went on to do at the Mipaya Gas Compressor Station in Peru, where she was in charge of drawing up various documents and evaluating different operating scenarios for the venting system.

Currently, Morena is working for the Northern District Desalinated Water Supply project (SADDN in Spanish) in Chile, reviewing the engineering documents produced by the subcontractor to develop the marine works and the desalination plant.

Another facet

The same passion that drives Morena at work is what inspires her music. Her mother is a pianist and she grew up surrounded by many different instruments that she learned to play from a very young age. Although drums and guitar were always part of her life, it was only when she started taking singing classes at the age of 18, that she found her true vocation.

A few years later, she set up her own band Calatea, which started with a call from a friend, also an engineer, who invited her to sing some covers of funk, indie and soul hits. Later, they started writing their own songs, sweeping onto the stages at Makena and Niceto Bar, both well-known on the music club circuit in the City of Buenos Aires. “Music is my passion, it’s something that fills me with excitement, joy and enthusiasm and makes me want to sing with my band all the time!” she gushes. “Being able to compose music, create songs, and have someone else listen to them, is amazing. Music is what keeps me grounded,” she affirms.

Opposites unite

According to Morena, the best thing was when both her passions came together. “In my life, engineering and numerical things are inextricably mixed with music. It’s like they’re opposite passions, but that at the same time come together to complement each other,” she explains.

For her, music is a way of breaking up the structural side of engineering, although both worlds are essential in her daily life. “I love working in the Processes area and it gives me the possibility of making music in my free time,” she concludes.

And, in case you missed it, Calatea’s first song is out on Spotify! Click here  to listen!

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