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Innovation driving growth and powering competitiveness

Published 19.1.2024

Techint Engineering & Construction held its fourth edition of its Innovation Day in Buenos Aires Convention Center, an event attended in person by over 200 people, while another 650 logged on from around the world to watch it streamed. 


On December 1, 2023, Techint E&C celebrated IDay, a collaborative occasion featuring some of its suppliers and startups—and an opportunity to showcase the different innovation initiatives developed over the year in the regions where the company is present.

“It was an extra-special edition as it was the first to be held in hybrid format. We wanted to create a virtuous setting inspired by innovation to encourage our people to access technology as told by those supplying it,” explained Alejandro Aguirre, Innovation & Knowledge Mgmt. Sr. Manager.

“Our mission is to take the lead in the industry by fostering innovation, demonstrating needs as well as challenges, and trying to solve them by relying on the ecosystem of which we are part. We all make innovation together, and technology to do this is at our fingertips,” he added.

A full agenda

During the event, representatives from the Andean Region, coordinated by Logistics Manager Alejandro Aineseder, spoke about implementing surveillance robots for Closed Loop Communications (CLC) training, and shared the results from the test drive of the fully electric Voltera van. The team presented different initiatives, such as the portable solar generation module for projects, the wireless tools being used at C20+, and the implementation of Pipetrak IT, a data quality management system for pipeline works.

The Southern Region representatives were the next to take the stand, and highlighted exciting innovations such as pipe and cabling auto-routing for plants, the new Scan2BIM applications. They presented uses for logistics drones at pipelines and other improvements for cleaning tasks in pipes at plants, as well as pipeline hydrostatic testing.

This was followed by a discussion panel on constructibility and the use of 4D BIM, featuring functional and project references.

The Northern Region, coordinated by Miguel Cabrera Pérez, Assistant Director, then shared the test results for the PipePillo pipeline supports, as well as the tests performed on the COMOS platform for mechanical equipment in Engineering. They also presented the latest updates in the area of 3D concrete printing and pipeline progress monitoring using drones and machine learning.

The Corporate sector was up next, presenting the most recent developments in Opentext as well as a new database quantifying offers and projects; the ‘Consult Experts’ initiative launched by the KM area, and AI as applied to Supply Chain activation processes.

The area of 3D printing took pride of place at the event thanks to the contribution made by the Che3D company, which not only printed out souvenirs for attendees but also made the stainless steel trophy awarded to the most innovative Techint E&C project of the year.


Innovations and Startup Hall

In parallel to the presentations, some of the suppliers with whom the company works presented their latest innovations. 

For instance, the Hilti Group held a demonstration of its tools and new fastening systems while Petro IT reaffirmed its commitment to supply the Pipetrak IT development that Techint E&C has adopted for its pipeline projects. Uali exhibited its large and long-range drones and Finning and SITECH Construction Systems displayed their range of GNSS equipment, including screens to be mounted in the cabins of excavators and diggers, as well as a heavy equipment simulator.

Meridion del Plata, the representatives of Watergen Ltd., specializing in water generation systems that capture atmospheric humidity, had their Watergen equipment in operation at the event so that attendees could taste the water generated onsite.

Atlas Copco exhibited its latest developments in compression and heat recovery systems, while Voltera Chile presented its electromobility solutions, a significant contribution to decarbonizing logistics processes.

KUKA and Patagonia CNC Machines exhibited their robotic arms designed for handling and welding tasks, as well as laser cleaning equipment, cobots (collaborative robots) and manual welding equipment.

Additionally, participants were encouraged to take part in an immersive augmented reality activity using tablets, where they could explore 3D models of the PS5 pumping plant at the C20+ project.

Also present were five startups selected by the Incubate program of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. They were Quadminds, which focuses on optimizing logistics operations, Maper Tech, specializing in remote mechanical equipment monitoring, Carbon Neutral, which calculates the carbon footprint of different procedures, Wymaq, a smart platform designed to make renting machinery easier, and Einsted, which develops technology aimed at decarbonizing specific industries.

At Techint E&C, we are convinced that adopting innovation is essential to boost competitiveness. We firmly believe that events like these promote networking, enrich the innovation ecosystem we belong to, and give us an insight into the future scenario we are moving towards. Our call is to continue innovating to be a company that provides differential value to its customers!” concluded Aguirre. “Let’s keep innovating so that we can continue to be a company that offers its customers unique value!”

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